Fotolia launches Subscription based Members only “Dollar Photo Club”

IMPORTANT UPDATE ON FOTOLIA - 2020.01.01Fotolia has closed in 2019 and no longer exists as a stand-alone agency. You can still find all their images in Adobe Stock‘s library.

More importantly, you can switch your Fotolia account to Adobe Stock, transferring all your existing credits and unused image downloads, so you don't miss out in downloads you already paid for.

Click here to switch your Fotolia account to Adobe Stock.

Stockphoto agency Fotolia has announced its new subscription agency called the Dollar Photo Club. The new site is offering a membership subscription plan, starting at $10 per month and offering ten free downloads monthly. We have checked them in every detail – read our review here!

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The site offers access to 25 million images, curated by their parent agency Fotolia. It gives customers, or members, access to the whole library at a fixed price per image, independent of size and use. The license does not contain limitations to print runs or time limits, though a couple of the usual restrictions (resolution for web uses or restriction of sensitive topics) apply to these images as well.

The Dollar Club Membership starts at $10 with 10 Free Images included

Dollar Photo ClubOne of the main features seems to be the low entry offer for what is similar to subscription sites like Shutterstock or Thinkstock offer, a price per image independent of its size and uses. Subscription sites usually run their offers at prices around $250 a month or in a few cases at prices below $100 monthly. The Dollar Photo Club now sets a starting fee at only $10, offering a smaller amount of images and with the ability to add as many photos as needed to the monthly minimum at $1 per image. But remember it's still a club, so you need to get accepted to get in. After you have accepted you will get 10 free images per month and every additional photo costs $1. You can cancel your $10 subscription at any time, which we like very much.

Dollar Photo Club Logo
Get 10 Free Images –  SPECIAL OFFER –  Signup free now!

The new Dollar Photo Club is a first step from Fotolia into the subscription only agency-model. The price point as well as the huge image library of 25 million stock photos and vectors will certainly attract a lot of photo buyers. Go give it a try and join the Dollar Photo Club now!

Nice Video about DollarPhotoClub

Check out this great video of the new Dollar Photo Club at Youtube or below.

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