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IMPORTANT UPDATE ON FOTOLIA - 2020.01.01Fotolia has closed in 2019 and no longer exists as a stand-alone agency. You can still find all their images in Adobe Stock‘s library.

More importantly, you can switch your Fotolia account to Adobe Stock, transferring all your existing credits and unused image downloads, so you don't miss out in downloads you already paid for.

Click here to switch your Fotolia account to Adobe Stock.

We are here to spread the good news about our friends and colleagues at Fotolia. On 7th of October 2013 Fotolia gave its services great boost with launching of new Fotolia mobile app and collection, uniquely designed for today's Smartphone centric society. Fotolia wants to be there to share our spontaneous moments and be able to sell it.

Fotolia Mobile App – Fotolia Instant

Fotolia Instant: browsing the menu.

Fotolia Instant: browsing the menu.

Fotolia has always been one of the leading microstock agency where professional as well as amateur photographers could sell their work and previously we have reviewed their services here at Stockphotosecrets. Recently we have been collaborating with the Fotolia and you are sure will get better deals if you signup via our landing page  and get 3 free credits. Now you can literally take your Fotolia everywhere using their new Fotolia Mobile App called Fotolia Instant available for iPhone and soon for Android and tablet devices.

Download the App

[app 674978883]

Taking photos and sharing your spontaneous moments can sometimes be quite disappointing using your smartphone. There is always a chance that your pictures would not be up-to-the-standard to keep them not even to upload to Fotolia.  However, Fotolia mobile app is not just an interface but has some pretty sophisticated new filter and easy exposure control which would allow you to take better, more aesthetic shots without compromising the image quality or resolution.

Fotolia mobile app: Instant Collection

Fotolia mobile app: Instant Collection

But wait, there is more to this. Photos being submitted are gathered into an Instant Collection which must meet all the same quality and aesthetic standard as other images for sale at Fotolia stock photo agency. Basically you must meet all the same legal requierements related to image right and intellectual property as specified by Fotolia.

One can ask what's the difference then? The difference is quite substantial, i.e. Fotolia mobile app is here to make it easy for photographers to capture that special moment when you think “this is just a perfect Fotolia product but I don't have my camera with me” and then upload to your digital Instant Collection without loosing the moment and your time.

Still reading? Perfect! You would be delighted to hear that Fotolia just didn't released a new Fotolia mobile app but they they went much further with their promise of always being there to share those spontaneous moments. Keep reading  further …

Fotolia Offers Fresh Images at Affordable Prices

With new Instant Collection Fotolia offers new way to enhance the visual communications filled with spontanous, high-quality photos, which are legally sound for a fraction of the price as before. So for instance all the images sold on Fotolia's Instant Collection platform will go for the price of 3 Credits (about $3 depending on the package you are on).

Fotolia Instant - capturing the moment

Fotolia Mobile App: Fotolia Instant – capturing the moment

In current smartphone centric society some of us would reach to some stage that we would tend to evolve and improve the quality of the images that we communicate and share. The continuing development in smartphone devices gives us that opportunity but can all of us capture that majestic moments or only few of us with a right eye and professionalism? This is unending debate but Fotolia is here with it's new approach of making our special spontaneous captures work for us.

The birth of “new more spontaneous and iconographic culture is on our doorsteps” as explains Fotolia's CEO and co-founder, Oleg Tscheltzoff and Fotolia is here to assist and nurture the future generation of photographers.


Amos Struck
Amos Struck

Amos Struck, a renowned expert with over two decades in the stock photography industry, is known for his profound expertise in both stock imagery and artificial intelligence (AI). He is the founder of and a driving force behind the innovative AI-driven platform, His pioneering work in visual AI is marked by co-founding Ximilar AI. Amos also established the Microstock Expo Conference, a key event in the stock photography sector. As a regular speaker at major industry conferences like DMLA and a prominent member of CEPIC, he consistently contributes to the industry's growth and evolution through a blend of technological innovation and market insight.

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