Fotolia works with Pinterest to market Photos for their Photographers

IMPORTANT UPDATE ON FOTOLIA - 2020.01.01Fotolia has closed in 2019 and no longer exists as a stand-alone agency. You can still find all their images in Adobe Stock‘s library.

More importantly, you can switch your Fotolia account to Adobe Stock, transferring all your existing credits and unused image downloads, so you don't miss out in downloads you already paid for.

Click here to switch your Fotolia account to Adobe Stock.

Fotolia has joined the Pinterest attribution program to help contributors highlight their images, their portfolios and encourage purchasing. Through Pinterest, Fotolia can pin contributors images without sacrificing the rights of the contributors. With a unique marketing program through Pinterest, Fotolia can highlight their watermark protection on each photo, highlight a contributors profile and link to the Fotolia page for immediate purchase.

Pinterest and Fotolia find a great partnership balance

Pinterest is an image based social media site that quickly gained users in the beginning of 2012. As one of the hottest social media sites on the web, stock photo agencies are seeing Pinterest as a marketing tool for their images and a way to highlight their contributors.

When you search for images on Pinterest or search for Fotolia images, you will find pins (images on Pinterest) that you can view, and download in one click. The experience is seamless and takes interested buyers directly to the image buying page if they like the photo.

Fotolia Kzenon on Pinterest

To identify Fotolia photos and images, Fotolia has placed their watermark on the images so browsers on Pinterest know that the photo can be purchased through Fotolia (Check the Screenshot). Super cool? Yup. Useful, absolutely! Now your time on Pinterest plays two roles, Stock photo searching, stock photo quick buying and propagating of your Pinterest boards without breaking copyright laws. Awesome.

Pinterest makes good use of Fotolia's international presence

Founded in New York City in 2004, Fotolia spans the globe with websites in 12 languages and offices in 21 countries. With over 20 million files to choose from, that is a lot of images that can be featured on Pinterest! With country specific websites, Fotolia can share stock photos on Pinterest and link to their international sites. Now that is clever and gets Fotolia photos recognized all over the globe!

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