Canada’s CIRA Offers Fun Canada-Styled Stock Photos for Free!

Honouring their people's fame of being kind-hearted and uber-friendly, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is now offering a collection of humourous stock photos that poke fun at Canadian stereotypes. 

The CIRA manages all “.ca” domains, and their new image collection intends to provide a better and more modern visual representation of the country, the people and the culture. 

All images are free to use with attribution, available for everyone, and very easy to obtain.
Already leaping at the chance to use funny pictures of a moose casually chatting up some folks on the street and other similar visual gems? Then read on for more details! 

CIRA’s Free Stock Photos: Use Them, Share Them, Credit Them

The image collection released by CIRA is available on their website, and for now, it consists of about 80 photos though they welcome Canadian photographers to contribute to enlarging the selection. The photos depict common stock imagery scenarios with a twist of humour and a very obvious Canadian stereotyped theme. 

What do we mean? An image of two friendly colleagues having a chat in the office… only the colleagues are an ice hockey player and a lumberjack, both in full attire including hockey pole and axe. Among many other weird –yet fun and useful– stock photos.

lumberjack and hockey player on office table

Photo by CIRA/.CA

They even have remakes of popular meme images, like the one of the distracted boyfriend, that they have recreated with a lumberjack checking out on an ice hockey player while his pantsuited girlfriend observes in disbelief. 

lumberjack looking at hockey player while girlfriend gets mad

Photo by CIRA/.CA

These images are available in sizes small, medium, large and extra-large, they are completely free to download, and can be used in any project you have in mind: websites, flyers and other marketing graphics, product labels, social media posts, and more. You don’t have to be Canadian nor be creating a “.ca” domain website, they are happy to share these images with the world –how Canadian is that?

The only thing they –very kindly– ask, is a photo credit (along the lines of “Photo by CIRA/.CA”) and a link back to their site too, if possible. As long as you fulfil those requirements, images are yours to use, totally legal and completely free of charge! 

Check out CIRA’s image collection here! 

How Do I Obtain CIRA’s Free Images?

That couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is go to CIRA’s image library page. There you will visualize all the content available so far, and you’ll be able to filter images according to theme tags and date added. When you find an image you like, simply click on it, select the size you want, solve the captcha and hit the download button. And done! 

Keep in mind images in up to size large are automatically downloaded, but for extra-large, 4K resolution files they require you provide an email address. 

Use Fun and Free Canadian Imagery for Creative and Current Designs

This is one initiative to celebrate not only for there is a great deal of fun involved in the project but also for the usefulness of the images, as it's known that stupid stock photos can go a long way sometimes.

Fun-loving photos are one of the main Photography Trends 2020 and it’s certainly a wise move to include them in your graphics. 

So if you’re working on a Canada-themed project, or if you simply can fit these funny photos in your design’s concept, we say go for it!

Amos Struck
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