Freepik Acquired Iconfinder and Original Mockups

freepik > Freepik Acquired Iconfinder and Original Mockups

Spain-based company Freepik has recently announced two new acquisitions: one is their direct competitor Iconfinder, and the other, is a 3D mockups outlet named Original Mockups. 

These two companies will now merge into Freepik Company and expand their penetration of international markets, their level of specialization, and their catalog size. 

This news comes just months after the purchase of Videvo by the same entity and aligns with their ultimate goal of becoming a leading, global provider of graphic resources.

Read on for all the details of this development. 

Iconfinder Joins Freepik’s Flaticon

iconfinder logo > Freepik Acquired Iconfinder and Original Mockups

Iconfinder is a Danish company that specializes in high-quality icons and illustrations, and it was until now one of Freepik’s natural competitors, particularly their subsidiary Flaticon, which also focuses on icon graphics. 

Through this acquisition, Iconfinder’s catalog will now merge into Flaticon, and Iconfinder’s co-founder and CEO Martin Leblanc will be in charge of that segment of the company. This way, they are adding lots of new and high-quality files into the offer, as well as bringing a team of people with extensive knowledge in icons that they hope will enrich the staff’s expertise. 

Plus, both companies have expressed they see eye to eye when it comes to the icons market, the perspectives for the future, and the strategies to meet goals, particularly when it comes to the embracing of new media and visual technology such as AI image generation, so the merger made a lot of sense.

Original Mockups Brings in 3D Mockups and Becomes Freepik Company Latam

original mockups logo > Freepik Acquired Iconfinder and Original Mockups

Original Mockups is based in Colombia, and offers free and paid 3D mockups and templates. Having collaborated with Freepik for a while, to bring 3D mockups and resources to the platform, in the end, they decided to merge in a strategic move that sees Original Mockups becoming Freepik Company Latam, representing the first penetration of the entity into the Latin American market, and all its graphic resources added to a new segment within Freepik’s offer. 

Original Mockups’ co-founder and CEO Alexandre Ruiz will both preside over the new Latam branch and the content segment within Freepik, while their employees join the Freepik staff that now has over 600 members worldwide. 

They mention that the companies sharing a language and a vision for the industry, leaning towards the support of local talent and regional opportunities, are responsible for their alignment. And they have plans to develop a creative hub for graphic content creation and licensing in Latin America. 

Freepik Company Hopes to Dominate the Stock Graphics Market

After being acquired by EQT last year, Freepik’s strategy is very clearly geared toward becoming one of the world’s largest and most complete sources of graphic content. 

Having recently acquired Videvo’s stock footage and motion graphics library, and now with these two new additions, the platform has a wide offer of illustrations, video, audio, 3D files, mockups, templates, and even an online editor. 

With their plans to deepen their presence in regional markets, and adopt emerging media tech such as AI visuals, and a healthy turnover of over €60 million in 2021, only time will tell where they’ll end up!

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