Getty Images Nosotros Collection: Authentic Latinx & Hispanic Stock Photos

gettyimageslogoGood and interesting news in the Hispanic visual world! The prestigious stock photo agency Getty Images has launched a new collection that is not only focused on the Latinx culture and identity, but it is so from an authentic and inclusive perspective like you don’t see every day.

If you ever needed to work with Latinx-themed photos, you surely noticed how hard it is to find the right images for this purpose. The new Nosotros Collection by Getty Images is a breeze of fresh air for designers who will now count with modern, realistic and inclusive imagery to represent the Latin community in their projects.

Here we tell you all about this!

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Getty Images Nosotros 2 > Getty Images Nosotros Collection: Authentic Latinx & Hispanic Stock Photos

The Nosotros Collection Seeks to Reclaim the Latinx Narrative

According to recent researches, the Latin community is the largest ethnic minority in the United States, and yet it’s the less represented one in the media.

Furthermore, the scarce presence of the Hispanic element in global commercial photography is limited to unidimensional stereotypes that are not only unrealistic but in general offensive and degrading: stuck in the binarism, Latinx people are hypersexualized, women usually play domestic service roles and men assume dominant, super masculine macho poses.

Any designer, marketing creative or business owner that has ever had to look for photos with Latin models or alluding to the Hispanic culture certainly has faced this type of imagery that is as unrealistic as barely useful.

With their Nosotros collection –which totally in sync with photography trends 2020Getty Images aims at addressing these two issues at once by giving creatives, designers and business owners  a wide selection of professional photographs where the Hispanic culture and ethnicity are shown in all their diverse magnitude: skin tones, age ranges, identities, lifestyle and much more.

These images want to not only provide more and better Latin-themed imagery for creatives (which translates into a greater representation of the community in the media) but also to reclaim the authentic Latin narrative of our times and allow creatives to tell their visual stories more precisely.

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Getty Images Nosotros 3 > Getty Images Nosotros Collection: Authentic Latinx & Hispanic Stock Photos

Getty Images Adds to the Hispanic Representation in the Global Scene

While this collection was created particularly thinking about the US market (where the agency has noted the need for this type of images) truth is everyone who wishes to include authentic Latinx imagery in their designs can benefit from it.

Be it that your work is specifically oriented to the Hispanic market, that you have a project where cultural and ethnic diversity is relevant (and today, when isn't?), or that in fact your graphics are thought for the US public, the images in the Nosotros collection are perfect to develop a powerful, appealing and accurate visual narrative about the Latin community.

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