Getty Images Partners with BRIA in New AI Photo Tools

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The AI game in the stock media industry is on, for sure! Getty Images announced today that they partnered with visual AI tool developer BRIA, to bring ethical and responsible AI photo tools onto Getty’s platform. 

Primarily focused on automated image editing, the upcoming AI features seek to help more users access technically and commercially valuable images that fit their goals. 

We tell you all you need to know about this new development, next. 

amos > Getty Images Partners with BRIA in New AI Photo Tools

A very clever move of Getty Images to integrate BRIA’s new AI photo tools into their platform! I have been playing with BRIA’s technology for a while, and their tools and the team behind them are brilliant.

You will know it too once the features roll out and you get to simply choose a stock photo, pick to re-cast a person’s face, add a generated new face, change the age, hair, beard, or even add glasses – just with one click.

The mix of high-quality stock photos with powerful AI gives Getty's customer base an advantage, creating a lot of opportunities to generate new original and AI-enhanced versions of the same stock photo. I’m looking forward for all of you readers to it out yourselves.

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What is BRIA: Responsible AI Technology

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BRIA is an Israel-based tech company that develops various visual AI tools, from AI image generation (like Dall-E or Midjourney do) to different degrees of AI image manipulation. They serve various industries including stock media agencies, digital content platforms, marketing agencies, and more. 

Distinctively, this company puts a strong emphasis on ethics and believes in what they call “responsible AI”, this is, AI visual technology that respects copyright and biometric rights, and that thrives to be inclusive and break free from negative bias surrounding sensitive topics like ethnicity, religion, gender, etc. 

Getty Images + BRIA: Responsible AI Tools for Creatives 

Through this new collaboration, Getty Images will be releasing new, BRIA-powered tools for its customers that seek to expand their creativity and improve the efficiency of their visuals. 

Initially, such tools and features will be centered around image editing: things like automatic object removal, automatic background removal, and the like. 

But BRIA has a lot of interesting and potentially very useful features for marketers and commercial-oriented creatives, such as an AI manipulation that can change the facial expression, ethnicity, or age of the people in a photo, or one that turns a still image into a dynamic video.

Basically, it's a way to combine stock photos with your own, AI-generated elements, as Geektime well put it.

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Example of BRIA's technology

Plus, they also have their proprietary AI image generator, with all the creative possibilities it implies. 

We will have more in-depth information about BRIA and its tools soon, so stay tuned!

Getty Images Remains Cautious About AI-Generated Imagery

The key here is that Getty Images shares the values of responsible use of AI tech, and has found in BRIA an ideal partner to embrace the power of visual AI content tools and explore this new territory in a way they deem safe and ethical.  

As we told you last month, this agency has officially banned AI-generated content from its platform and does not accept submissions of synthetic media on any of its marketplaces. And in a recent exchange with The Verge, Getty Images’ CEO Craig Peters expressed that the company remains convinced that rushing into the commercialization of AI-generated images is a mistake, and possibly an illegal move as well. 

Equally relevant, he made it clear Getty does not view AI images or AI visual applications as a threat but rather as a resource to harness and exploit for creative benefits. 

It’s certainly interesting to see what new functionality they add to the Getty Images platform from now on and how it’ll impact customers!

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