Getty Images starts offering free embedding of 35 million images

As world market leader for image licensing, Getty Images, announced yesterday, a new Embedded Viewer will allow non-commercial use of millions of their images – at no cost. In a first step, Getty has published almost 13 million images under the Terms to be used on websites, blogs and social media. Check out their free embed offer here!

Getty offers free embedding of images

Getty offers free embedding of images

On their website you can now find an icon on images bringing up an HTML code for a so called iFrame which can be included in most websites and many blogs. This iFrame contains the image itself along with a backlink to the original picture as well as credit lines for Getty and the photographer. It also allows publishing on Twitter and Tumblr.

The use is free but comes with conditions

getty_images_logoIn their new adapted Terms and Conditions, Getty Images added a section for the “Embedded Viewer” which contains limitations of the use: The embedded images may only be used in Editorial Uses which include information that is newsworthy or of public interest. This would allow the use in most blogs and websites, including those running ads. However, the use is prohibited if any product is being sold or promoted or any other commercial use with the image.

There is also an important section contained in these Terms:

“Getty Images (or third parties acting on its behalf) may collect data related to use of the Embedded Viewer and embedded Getty Images Content, and reserves the right to place advertisements in the Embedded Viewer or otherwise monetize its use without any compensation to you.”

This indicates that Getty Images (check their current Gettyimages promo code) might – at a later stage – use the embedded viewer to display advertising along or in front of the actual image. This is quite similar to what already is reality with Youtube Videos which might be embedded on websites but will show ads along with the video. Getty also reserves the right to collect data along with the use which might require adaptation to each website's own privacy policies before using the embedded viewer.

However, the new Embedded Viewer might allow free access to a broad audience of publishers and bloggers who were not able to afford licenses in the past.

Amos Struck
Amos Struck

Amos Struck, a renowned expert with over two decades in the stock photography industry, is known for his profound expertise in both stock imagery and artificial intelligence (AI). He is the founder of and a driving force behind the innovative AI-driven platform, His pioneering work in visual AI is marked by co-founding Ximilar AI. Amos also established the Microstock Expo Conference, a key event in the stock photography sector. As a regular speaker at major industry conferences like DMLA and a prominent member of CEPIC, he consistently contributes to the industry's growth and evolution through a blend of technological innovation and market insight.

  1. This move is really just a repositioning for Getty Images towards its biggest clientele, bloggers…a clientele that makes no money off of content, but does produce traffic. How will editorial pictures pay off on the long run ? Hard to say for now. Thanks for the insightful information.

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