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Getty ImagesiStock’s parent company– unveiled a new AI image generation tool, Generative AI by iStock, catering to small businesses, designers, and marketers. 

This AI image generator is powered by NVIDIA Picasso and aims to offer an affordable solution for brands and businesses to explore generative AI for their visual marketing needs, in a commercially safe way. 

You can try Generative AI by iStock here!

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Generative AI by iStock: Legally Safer, High-Quality AI Images

Launched this week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Generative AI by iStock is a text-to-image generator capable of synthesizing pictures from a written description. It’s designed to empower small and medium-sized businesses to transform their creative visions into compelling content seamlessly.

The technology is built on the base of NVIDIA Picasso and its generative AI model for image creation, but trained exclusively with high-quality content from the creative, commercial-use libraries from both Getty Images and iStock, ensuring the generation of legally safe visuals, guarding against unauthorized, copyrighted elements.

This creative tool is similar to Generative AI by Getty Images, which, also fueled by NVIDIA Picasso, was released at the end of 2023. The main differences are that the first app is oriented to enterprise clients and provides unlimited indemnification against copyright claims, whereas the iStock generator is geared towards individual and small companies, and provides a limited indemnification amount per asset. 

You can access Generative AI by iStock on the agency’s website. All you have to do is write your prompt and the software will produce four images at a time based on your input. It currently supports 75 languages, making it accessible for users all over the world. Additionally, they include a prompt builder that helps you add all the relevant information for the tool to deliver the best results. 

Plus, the AI image generator integrates seamlessly with iStock’s traditional photo library (what they now refer to as pre-shot images), giving customers the chance to work with both human-made and AI-generated imagery at their discretion. 

Overall it’s a very easy-to-use tool and produces high-quality visuals that can solve all sorts of creative needs that would be difficult, expensive, or cumbersome to create otherwise. 

Legally Backed and Affordable AI Images

One of the highlights of this new AI image generator is that the images it produces come with legal protection. The tool, however, is paid. 

Right now, the price for iStock’s AI-generated images starts at $19.99 for 100 prompts; where each prompt generates four image variations. If you want to use one or more of these AI-generated images in your designs, downloading them will issue an iStock license for them, at no added cost. 

What’s more valuable, this iStock license includes a $10,000 per image legal coverage as part of their guarantee policy, to safeguard you against potential legal issues related to copyrighted elements.

You may download images in medium or large resolution at your discretion, but a large download consumes one extra credit. 

Knowing that any licensed visual comes with iStock’s standard legal guarantee is great for peace of mind. 

Ethically and Legally Trained AI Image Generator

Speaking of legal safety, Getty Images is taking multiple measurements to ensure its AI image generator for iStock cannot create potentially harmful or problematic content. 

As we mentioned, they trained the NVIDIA Picasso custom model only with proprietary content from Getty Images and iStock. The entire editorial catalog from Getty Images is excluded from the training datasets, This intends to avoid the software to replicate images of known products, people, places or other copyrighted elements.

Notably, contributors can opt in to be compensated for the use of their original art in the training datasets. 

Will you try Generative AI by iStock? Let us know what you think of the images it creates!

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