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iStockphoto will be starting their new online community mentoring program today, an initiative that supports people who want to further their abilities in the field of photography, design, marketing, writing, film and more! Feast, the official name of the mentoring program, is supported by a variety of international professionals who recognize the need for the development of ongoing talent in the creative industry.

Feast is simple. Each month Feast assigns an Artist in Residence to publicly work with a group of protégés. The topic is determined by the mentor group that relates it to this year's theme Creating a Better World. The mentoring artist will start the program with a creative challenge that the proteges will need to solve, and present at the end of the month. Viewers can follow the projects from the beginning to end and learn from the process that the proteges will travel through. To add to the monthly learnings, the mentoring artist will post guest articles throughout the month related to the topic and process of the month and proteges will post their work as it unfolds.

Feast is an online support for both creative participants and registered attendees

The first Feast program held last month had 25,000 registrants and over 300 applicants for the October protege positions. This overwhelming success of the pre-launch program has secured further Feast programs for 2011 and into 2012. Winner will be awarded cash prizes, but the real win seems to be the line up of mentors that participants will be working with. Photojournalist, Mario Tama, an Emmy-Award nominated staff photographer for Getty Images will be mentoring in November.  Kirby Ferguson, creator of Everything is a Remix, is a writer, director and producer who has created dozens of comedic short films and gotten over four million views on the web.

October is Charity month with the launch of  ‘The Big Idea'

James Leal-Valias, Creative Director at iStockphoto kicks off Feast in October as the Artist in Residence, focusing on the concept of   The Big Idea; a concept where participants are encouraged to think about how you can use it in unexpected ways to make a change in your community, city, country, the world or, even the universe. Proteges are to ‘think big' for this October project.  Two proteges are ready for the challenge and process that will unfold this month. If you have not registered to be an attendee at Feast, sign up today!

Who is behind Feast

iStockphoto, one of the most successful and profitable user-generated content sites in the world continues to bring innovation to the stock photography world. The intention of their latest project Feast is to develop a place where creative minds come together to share, create and learn. Feast and the iStockphoto team will continue to unveil various online events, streamed talks, webcasts, tutorials and challenges that will benefit participants, attendees and in some cases unsuspecting not for profits like the one to be features in Octobers challenge. In addition to online events, the Feast team will be offline, at trade shows and events, announcing Feast-specific events around the world.



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