iStockphoto supports prostate cancer

iStockphoto is launching a large fundraising campaign with the support of their online community November 1 to aid research and assistance for prostate cancer. This innovative campaign entitled Movember is a matching fund campaign that matches money and photos throughout the month of November.

iStockphoto believes in community and puts their money where their mouth is

Literally, iStockphoto is running a special photo campaign to support men with prostate cancer. Movemeber is a photo documentation of men from around the world growing mustaches throughout the month of November and documenting the growth period for 30 days. Photographers are to sign up, add their country of residence and document through photos, the growth of a Movember, a very specific and defined mustache that has to meet the judges' definition of this special growth of male facial hair.

How you can participate with iStockphoto to support prostate cancer

Movembers are unique and are the focus of the iStockphoto Movember lightbox. IStockphoto will match up to $10,000 in raised funds plus supply the campaign with all the necessary photos that are needed to build this into a success! To participate, do one of the two following options:

  1. Join the iStache Team: Visit, register for your country and join Team iStache.
  2. Contribute to the 
Movember Lightbox:  iStock artists are encouraged to create and submit content that celebrate facial hair, reflect men’s health issues or the general well-being of men.

Prizes will be awarded for the best files and iStockphoto will make a donation to the Movember Foundation that matches all revenue from the lightbox during November.

Follow iStockphoto on Twitter or Facebook to take part in fun contests during the month of November

Check out other participants donated photos and help to raise the $10,000 in matched funds promised by iStockphoto. Register on the iStockphoto website and link it all up to your Facebook and Twitter acct.

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Amos Struck
Amos Struck

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