PantherMedia is Accepting AI-Generated Images from Contributors

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Long-standing stock photography agency PantherMedia is the latest to begin accepting AI-generated image submissions, meaning they will sell them as stock photos.

Through an email communication to its contributors, the agency has informed them of the requirements for AI images to be accepted into their library. 

They join other companies in the space that have already begun accepting AI imagery, such as Adobe Stock and Dreamstime

More details are below!

PantherMedia AI Image Requirements

The special conditions the entity has put for AI-generated images to be included in their catalog relate to transparency and legal validity of the content –and thus, of the license to use it–and try to address the most notorious blurry points in synthetic media, about copyright ownership and biometric data. 

For an AI-generated picture to be licensed at PantherMedia, the contributor must make sure: 

  • That they own all rights required to license the image for commercial use. Since not all AI-generative models grant you said rights, it’s entirely up to the contributor to verify this. 
  • To include model release and property release for all recognizable people and third-party rights such as brands, logos, buildings, etc., just like it’s required for regular photos. 
  • Pictures that involve third-party rights, like people, brands, logos, private property or even an artist’s signature style, without written permission to use it, will be rejected. 
  • The term “AI generated image” must be included in the image title and metadata to make it clear this is not a photograph. Misleading wording that could lead users to believe it’s a photograph will be rejected. 
  • Until further notice, AI-generated images must be classified as illustrations. 

As you can see, the main goal of these requirements is to make it clear for buyers when they’re licensing an AI-generated picture and grant all the necessary rights to make a license valid. 

PantherMedia Embraces AI Image Licensing

It seems this agency understands that AI-generated visuals are the next big thing in the creative industry. Per the company’s words, they believe that tools that allow the creation of AI-generated images are unleashing “a new wave of creativity,” and it seems they’re on board with embracing this type of content early on. 

Are you going to sell your AI-generated pictures on PantherMedia? Or license this kind of image from them? We’d love to know!

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