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The competition just got stronger and more heated for HD video. Seasoned stock photo executives have launched a new video marketplace in beta called Dissolve. This stock video website is on the move with over $5 Million from investors to make Dissolve the go to place for great HD videos and content inspiration. The leadership line up is impressive, with past Veer and iStock/Fotolia's executives heading up this new business model. Their vision is to inspire others to create better content through better footage and better stories.

Video Content is the new king – starting at $5

Over 70% of online content is video, with marketers looking to video to engage, and convert customers. Dissolve is capitalizing on these statistics and changes in content creation through their new video marketplace. Their goal is to focus on creativity, inspiration and ease at an affordable price. All videos are HD and all videos can be viewed on all devices and the best, videos start at $5.

Dissolve Screenshot

The current billing model for online video is a gradual increase in stock video prices as the quality of the video increases. If you want a low res video, the price is less, if you want the same video in HD, the price is significantly more, signific

antly. This does not even take the creativity into consideration. stock video is considered average, so-so, a filler.Dissolve Logo

What Dissove has done it leveled the playing field in the quality of the video resolution. All of their videos are HD, bottome line. What they have done is created a pricing system for creativity, inspiration, what they call spectacular content. If you want HD video, pay $5USD. If you want great HD video pay $30 USD or $50USD and if you want spectacular video that helps you to tell a story, a really good story, pay $150 USD. All resolution is created equal, creativity and video story telling is not.

This is an example of a spectacular video for $150 USD, content that if you hired someone to generate yourself would be in much more money and time. Check this video out and then read on about Dissolve.

My Kingdom from Dissolve on Vimeo.

Dissolve is more than a stock video buying hub

The creative quality of Dissolve videos is what will set them apart from other stock video sellers. Yes they sell video, but they are wanting to inspire others to tell better stories using creativity so marketing is more engaging, fruitful and meets company goals. Their video concept is built for designers and storytellers, taking marketing to a new level of engagement and quality. Considering who the executives are, who the investors are and their determination to make stock video spectacular, we like it the mantra, the thoughtfulness and the accessiblity.

Dissolve Logo SmallCheck out Dissolve now!

We take our hats off to Dissolve for increasing and making creativity a priority within a competitive marketplace. We take our second hat off to Dissolve for making videos affordable.


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