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UPDATE 2023: Offset is now integrated into Shutterstock's main platform, and its entire collection with 1.2M+ premium images is available directly on the Shutterstock website, starting at $249 per image. Discover the Offset collection right here!
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Offset, an exclusive stock photo agency owned by Shutterstock, is now in beta and ready for invited participants to review the new stock photo site. If you missed our announcement in March, check out our information and get your invite to this niche stock photography site.

If you are looking for a specialized site as a contributor, Offset may just be the stock photo agency for you.

Offset highlights great photos by great photographers

offset images new photographers and high end stock photos

The new trend in stock photography is not just great photos licensed for resale or for use, but great photos by well known photographers. The photographer is now a very large piece of the stock photo pie, and Offset is trending this stock photo model. Stocksy, developed by the first owner of iStockphoto, is the closest competitor to this stock photo model, where the photographer and their work is highlighted on a stock photo site.

Offset refers to their stock photo agency model as a disruption to the current stock photo agency models. Their mission is to provide authentic, high quality images from well-known photographers using a transparent and easy to use royalty free license. Gone are the days of complicated credit packages, hard to understand licensing descriptions and legal jargon. You search, you like, you buy. One price for each photo size and you are ready to use your purchased image for your designs.

Every image on Offset is there for a reason

The library at Offset is small, 25,000 images as of today, with each photo or illustration hand picked for the Offset site. Unlike other stock photo agencies, Offset is only storing remarkable imagery from remarkable photographers and graphic designers. The collection includes editorial and landscape photography from Michael Hanson, lifestyle imagery from Charles Gullung, food photography by Anna Williams and vibrant illustrations by Sam Brewster and many more awesome photographers to come.

Remarkable is not cheap but you will be guaranteed incredible images

offset creates remarkable images with royalty free licenses

Like anything exclusive, wonderful and one of a kind, the price tag is not cheap, but you will be guaranteed incredible images. Prices are set at $250 usd for small images and files and $500 usd for larger files. If you calculated the cost to hire any of these designers or photographers for your image needs, the price tag would be a lot higher than what you are paying on Offset, so this is a bargain.

Great for travel photos, food photos, interior design photos

Offset sets their photos apart by stating that their photos are cover photos, they are not just photos you would use everyday, they are photos that make an impact, make people want to buy, travel or do what you are showing in the image. They are not 150 x 150 images that you would hide in any media, they are the media image that will build your brand, emotions or desires.

Get your Offset invitiation today and discover how Shutterstock has disrupted the stock photo marketplace. If you want to contribute, read the contributors blog and find out if you are the right person for Offset.

Video about Offset

Offset: A New Brand from Shutterstock from Offset on Vimeo.

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