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Have you ever had this problem? You found a great image online and want to use it. You know you can not as you need a license to legally use an image. You search for the owner or stock photo agency that has the rights to the image but come up empty handed. Your favorite image can not be used and you have to start an extended search to find anything that comes close to that perfect image that you can not use.

123rf Jellyfish123rf has just released a new tool for reverse image searches making this above scenerio disappear. Jellyfish is a 123rf tool that lets anyone put in an image and search for an exact replicate or images that come close to what you are looking for. Keyword searches just went out the window, image search is now in!

Reserve Searching makes finding that perfect image attainable

Lets go back to the original scenerio. With Jellyfish you would upload your perfect image into the tool and let 123rf look through their library for the image. If the exact image exists, you can buy the rights and use it immediately. 123rf has fair pricing and affordable image so you will not be on the hook for a huge licensing fee. If the image you picked was an original image and not found in the 123rf library as an exact match, Jellyfish will find images that closely match your image. You may end up with an even better stock photo that you can get, you may be inspired by the image results that 123rf suggests. If the original photo has a watermark or has been resized, no worries, Jellyfish can still do the search.

Check out their funny demo video here:

Artwork and illustration matching

Jellyfish takes their reverse search capabilities one step further. There is a sketch pad option where you can draw a rendition of an illustration you would like to use, pop that into Jellyfish and see what turns up! Browse through the results and download the illustrations that come close to what you made in the sketch. This time saving excercise lets desgners put in a concept and search for illustrations without having to define keywords for your ideas.

123rf Jellyfish
Try it out now – drag and drop the image you would like to find!

123rf encourages you to try this new tool out. They are thrilled with the capabilities and know that this reverse search tool will save time, money and ideas!


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