Getty Images matches photos with Social Media Trending Topics

Images are the hottest trend in social media and Getty Images has just released an innovative tool that matches trending topics on Twitter with their image library. This news is released on the heels of Facebook's new image search function revealed at their news conference this week.

Check out “The Feed by Getty Images”

This is a super cool tool. Getty has used API's from Twitter and their Connect API to create trending image content that can be applied to social media platforms. This powerful new software integration uses the Getty image library to match trending topics with their photos. Getty is taking a conversation on social media and turning it into images. You can check the current promo code from Getty Images here. WOW! They even added localized trending topics to it, look at the trending topics in Germany.


The system is automated. Leveraging Twitter’s API to determine social trending topics, The Feed searches Getty Images using the Connect API , matches the images with the trending terms and posts the content on Getty Images’ social media channels and website. On Getty Images’ Facebook profile, real time themed timelines have been created using The Feed to showcase relevant, popular social media conversations.

Pictures almost Real Time on Twitter

If Twitter is your social media platform of preference, follow @FeedMeGetty where hourly trending images are released.

This is one of the recent tweets with picture:

If you do not use social media, you can still follow the latest trends on the Getty Images website, where they are displaying trending topics through images for non social media users.

The Feed follows a few innovations that Getty Images has released in the last few months. The Connect API has been instrumental in quickly releasing The Feed and enabled Getty Images to continue building important partnerships with social media platforms like Twitter, Soundcloud and SparkRebel. Harnessing and automating social media platforms to create content takes the pressure of companies and creates engagement on real issues with fans and followers.

To better understand how “The Feed” works, watch this video


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Getty Images has been working overtime in the last year to be innovative, support businesses through images and application of those images while continuing to populate their exclusive image library. The question is, what will they be thinking up next?
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