How to buy a Company Logo at 123RF

123rf has been testing a business logo service geared to small and medium size businesses for a while. The request from stock photo buyers prompted 123rf to try out this design service to see of requests actually met demand. Well, it is confirmed, the 123rf Logo design program is here to stay as the program has been profitable for design contributors and the company. Small businesses have been accessing the service and are pleased with the results.

How to buy a Company Logo @ 123rf

Invited design contributors create logos that a small business can choose from online. Once the business or personal brand picks a design that they like, they purchase and download the EPS file and HiRes JPG immediately. 123rf will then remove the design from the library so it can not be used by others. This provides the buyer with a unique, one of a kind logo that can not be purchased or duplicated by others.

Unlike crowd-sourced design sites, small business just need to look through the library and pick a ready made design. There are no submissions or waiting periods, you can choose your logo in a matter of minutes. Search the collection by image, design or item and find logo design pop up from the library.

The service is easy to use and search, and buying is easy. Logo designs are inexpensive and there is no need to wait days for your final document. Once you buy your logo it is yours to use as you wish.

Find the right Logo for your Business

123rf Logo Webshop

123rf has made this easy for everyone. In the top menu bar look for @Logo and start checking out designs. The @Logo search bar is on the left hand side once you open the @Logo page. Find what you need, click on the design and buy your new logo design with 123rf credits. Subscriptions can not be applied to the @Logo purchases but with designs so cheap, it does not matter.

Sign up for 123rf today so you can start looking for your new logo! Membership is free so there is not obligation. Check out our review of 123rf so you can be better acquainted with all of their services.


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