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We have fresh news from Shutterstock: it has officially partnered with the freelance design community Fiverr, to integrate the agency’s robust catalog of images, videos, and sound files into the design platform. 

Like this, freelance designers doing gigs on Fiverr will now have access to Shutterstock’s top-notch content to use in their projects, and customers will be reassured that the images used in their materials are appropriately licensed. 

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What is Fiverr

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Fiverr is an online freelance services marketplace. With a declared mission to “democratize access to talent and provide talent with access to opportunities”, they are essentially a middleman that connects people who need to get work done, with the artists that can get it done. 

Not only graphic designers can gig on Fiverr; the platform hosts directories and professional services for digital marketing, programming and tech, video and animation, music and audio, writing and translation, and much more. 

Fiverr is one of the best alternatives to 99Designs, for example.

Shutterstock + Fiverr: Getting to Freelancers Right Where They Are 

Many of the services offered on this marketplace require –or at the very least could really use– high-quality photography, vector graphics, video, and audio content. In fact, many artists that take commissions on Fiverr rely on Shutterstock to source said content and complete their assignments. 

By integrating their libraries into the design marketplace, Shutterstock is putting millions of powerful visual assets, all licensable for commercial use, right at the fingertips of a very large creative community, simplifying the design workflow. 

And there is something in it for the end user, as well. The millions of businesses and individuals that resort to Fiverr to get the visual materials they need will now receive better results thanks to the incorporation of Shutterstock content, and they’ll have the added reassurance that it’s all properly licensed, and safe to use. 

Since Shutterstock and Fiverr both have freelance designers and budget-conscious businesses at the core of their user base, it makes only sense they joined forces to better serve them. 

In the words of Chip Schenk, VP of Platform and Innovation Solutions at Shutterstock: “We are thrilled to join forces with Fiverr to bring our vast library of licensable digital content to freelance talent around the world. Both Shutterstock and Fiverr are powered by creative communities, and we're eager to showcase their talent and help them bring their best projects to life. This integration underscores the alignment in our goals and helps us better reach a wider audience of talent.”

How the Shutterstock Integration Works 

According to the announcement made today by Fiverr, Shutterstock’s top-quality content will be available as an integral part of freelancers’ offerings for creative digital services, on their marketplace. 

All sellers with gig orders of relevant categories will have access to the Shutterstock content library and will be able to offer them as part of their Gig Package, or as Extras/Custom Offers add-ons. 

They will also be able to try watermarked assets and get feedback from buyers, before actually licensing an image. Once a Shutterstock asset is licensed, the buyer will receive confirmation, including the licensing details. 

At this time, the Shutterstock assets available are under the Standard license only, but they plan to include Enhanced (extended) license in the future. 

For more info, check their Help Center with guidelines for Shutterstock media use.

We think this is a really interesting move by Shutterstock and we are curious to see how artists and clients on Fiverr take on the new resource available for them. What do you think? 

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Ivanna Attié

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