Photoshop on the Web Full Release Includes Firefly AI Features

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Adobe has finally released its simplified, online version of Photoshop, plainly named Photoshop on the web. 

This version of the company’s flagship image editor, which had been in beta testing for two years, aims to be less complex, yet it is now fully released with two of the most popular AI features of its app counterpart, powered by Adobe Firefly. 

The one downside of this release is that despite earlier rumors of a freemium offer, Photoshop on the web remains paywalled, just like the Creative Cloud version.

Read on for more details on the new Photoshop on the web tool!


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Photoshop in-Browser: Simple Yet Powerful Image Editor with AI

After rolling out features in batches over two years of beta trial, the full version of Photoshop on the web is now fully released, and it’s a lot more powerful than one could think. 

While the concept is to provide a simplified, user-friendlier Photoshop that is accessible in your preferred browser, the highlight of the final release is that this tool includes the latest AI features that are all the rage in the Photoshop app: Generative Fill and Generative Expand. 

photoshop on the web sample generative fill > Photoshop on the Web Full Release Includes Firefly AI Features

Both powered by Adobe Firefly, these features automate and improve useful parts of the creative process. Generative Fill can create or replace objects and backgrounds and perform other alterations to your photo subjects by entering a text description of what you want. Generative Expand lets you add visual information to your photo to enlarge your photo frame or scene. Both features are content-aware and perform edits in a visually seamless fashion. Another integration is the Contextual Taskbar, a sort of virtual design assistant that suggests the most logical steps for your workflow. 

Other features let you remove large objects, adjust colors, remove imperfections, and perform more tasks to edit photos that range from basic to advanced. 

The key difference in this new offer is that, unlike traditional Photoshop, which requires certain knowledge to use, Photoshop on the web is aimed at users from all skill levels. And, of course, you don’t need to download anything. 

It is not casual if you think that sounds a lot like Canva. This is Adobe’s attempt to provide something similar to the Australian design platform. 

photoshop on the web layout view > Photoshop on the Web Full Release Includes Firefly AI Features

No Free Photoshop for Now

Although back when the first beta launch of Photoshop on the web, the company expressed an intention to make this tool free or “freemium,” and rumors about this have persisted in the years since, the full version is actually paid, exactly the same as the Creative Cloud app is. 

If you’re a Creative Cloud subscriber, you get the online Photoshop included in your Photography, Photoshop, or All Apps plan. If you don’t have a previous subscription, access to Photoshop on the Web costs the same as those: from $9.99 per month. 

Photoshop Free Trial Works for the Web Tool

On the bright side, the regular Photoshop free trial –which you can learn all about here– includes the in-browser editor. So you can enjoy full access to it for free for seven days this way. 

However, once the trial period is up, the only way to keep using it is by paying a membership. 

What do you think about Photoshop on the Web? Will you give it a go? 

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