Pond5 launches Membership Offer & Image Recognition Technology

Pond5 LogoVideo and image agency Pond5, positioned as the leader focusing on stock footage content, launched a whole new platform with a membership offer and adds image recognition technologies to support both customers and suppliers identifying the best content and the best way to market it.

New membership offer and new Subscription

Pond5 new membership plans

Pond5 new membership plans

With the relaunch of their website, Pond5 not only added a new, modern look to its site but a completely new offer to customers: A membership program, called Pro and Premium, allowing for a certain amount of files to be licensed on a regular basis.


The membership grants access to a limited number of footage downloads (5 or 10 downloads monthly, depending on the plan) among the 200,000 videos in the membership library. In addition, Pond5 also offers four million files contributed by artists from around the world which can vary in price set by the suppliers.

The monthly membership plan sets the value of each download at around $20 which can be a steep discount over many of the available videos. Most footage content on the site is priced between $40 and $80 for the license.

The new plans Pro and Premium are priced as seen above and currently on a 50% discount for a limited time starting at $49/monthly.

Image recognition for video allows for better keywording and search

Pond5 also launches NextSense, which brings image recognition software to footage content. The software will identify key elements of a video clip and suggest matching keywords to the contributors. This will help suppliers to add relevant metadata to their clips, allowing them to present their content to the right audience.

The same technology is also being used to identify the customer search behaviour and will become a component in providing the right content to the customers using the site, along with information from search tags and popularity of certain content. Pond5 provides an overview of this technology in this video they shared on Youtube:


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What do you think about the new changes on Pond5? How do you like their new branding and image recognition technology NextSense?


Amos Struck
Amos Struck

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