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Protect your online photos with Stipple!


Protect your online photos with Stipple!

How many times have you seen your photos show up on search engines without your authorization? For photographers and creatives, unauthorized use of photos and designs is a problem. The same issue arises for savvy internet users who want to credit photographers and designers for their but cannot find the original owner of the images. Tracking an image back to the owner can be tough and frustrating when you want to do the right thing. Both of these issues are resolved by a new platform called Stipple! Whether you want to protect your images and designs online, or if you want to find the original owner to obtain permission for use, Stipple is what you need.

What is Stipple and how does it protect images online

Stipple is a platform that lets you preserve image metadata permanently when you post online. If your assets are shared online, your image content, brand information and identity are maintained. Currently, if you upload your photos or designs online, people can strip the metadata you have attached to your online assets and add their own. When the information is stripped, you will no longer receive credit or acknowledgement for your work. This is an ongoing issue that stops some creatives from posting online. For creatives unaware of this issue, be aware that your material is being shared without your brand receiving credit. Ownership is lost once the information is stripped from your work and credit is not provided for your work. But this issue is now resolvable.

stock photo secrets using stipple for copyright protection

How Stipple benefits the owners of online photos


Stipple enables the owner of online material, photos or designs in jpeg format, to attach their ownership and branding information permanently to their work. If your work is shared or used without your authorization, your information will continue to be related to your work. Your brand, your name or your company will receive online credit if your work is used or shared. Wow, now that is new. No one likes having their work shared or used without authorization but it is a reality. The unauthorized use of your work now has some benefit at this point, though it would be nice if people would ask permission. Unauthorized sharing is hard to stop, but if your work is going to be shared, at least you will now get credit or can be traced for the work that you have done.

How Stipple facilitates the correct use of online photos

For online users who are in tune with copyright laws and the correct use of images and online creative material, Stipple enables users to find the original creator of photos. This has been a tough task and has stopped many from using incredible images. Stipple stops the problem of orphan work, work that can not be traced back to the original owner, and facilitates the correct use of online images. Track down the owner, ask for permission or pay for use so that you do not get into a situation where you are breaking copyright or receive a cease and desist order from the owner. Credibility is important for your online work, whether it be a blog, newspaper or website. Receiving a legal notice for the unauthorized use of an image can be detrimental to your online work.

Find the owner of a photo in seconds


Stipple has just released their new search function to help users find the original owner of online photos. If the original owner of the asset you wish to use has not used Stipple to attach their information, Stipple has created a search engine to find the original owner. This innovative tool lets photographers be found so they can be credited for their work. When the original owner if found, you can then seek permission for the use of their work. Additionally, this search tool leaves no excuse for the unauthorized use of online and photos.

New Stipple Mobile app protects your photos created on your devices


More photos are created through devices and uploaded immediately to social media and other online sharing platforms. Stipple just released their mobile app October 22, 2013 for iOS operating systems that enables protection and social media uploading. In addition to protection and social sharing, the Stipple mobile app lets you track engagement and sharing right from your device so you can witness how far your images are spread online! Protecting your images is a great benefit to immediate sharing but having statistics that show the reach of your images makes this app even more powerful.

Protect yourself and your work online

stipple for tracking online images

There has been limitations to protecting your online images against unauthorized use but now you can guarantee that your brand, your name,and ensure your information travels with your online images. Stipple has solved a very big problem and is a wonderful tool for photographers. If you one of those people who want to comply with copyright laws and credit the original owners of creative online works, and you should be one of those people, Stipple lets you find the original owner so you can obtain the right permission. Not only does Stipple facilitate a way to guarantee copyright information on images, the platform also educates users on the proper use of online sharing, credit and image permission to people who may be unaware of global copyright laws that serve to protect the creators.

View Stipples online platform to start using their innovation, download their app through iTunes, or read more about copyright issues and correct use of online photos.



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