Shutterstock Announces the Concept behind Offset

UPDATE 2023: Offset is now integrated into Shutterstock's main platform, and its entire collection with 1.2M+ premium images is available directly on the Shutterstock website, starting at $249 per image. Discover the Offset collection right here!

In our recent article about Stocksy, a new digital stock photo agency that was founded by the original owner of iStockphoto, we mentioned the new Shutterstock agency Offset. Well, Offset has released information about their new concept on the heels of the release of Stocksy. On the onset both concepts seem similar, but when you dig deeper the concept is very different. With insider news, we have created an overview of what Offset is all about.

Offset is still being developedOffset Logo

Offset is not quite ready yet, but they are wanting to get the digital media industry excited and talking about new digital imagery site. If you go to the new site, you can sign up for your invitation to the Offset, but there is not to see, yet. The site will be launched in beta in a few months, so sign up now and get on the list so you can be one of the first to admire the new images on Offset.

We like what we see so far at Offset

Offset is totally different from Shutterstock or any microstock agency for that matter.

  • They have redefined licensing agreements, and redefined pricing.
  • The royalty free licensing provides unlimited copies in both print and web, with one price for a royalty free license and one price for extended licenses.
  • The site is all about images, so expect large image views, exceptional images and new stock contributors that have a long history in unique imagery creation and story telling.
  • The four contributors mentioned in their pre-launch information can not be found on stock photo sites. So there will not be duplication in the images found on Offset.

Resources and how to's will not be found here as this site is all about selling great images. If you need to learn how to use these images, you may be in the wrong place. If you are just wanting to buy great images and let others deal with the how to, you are in the right place.

Offset is setting themselves apart from other stock photo agencies

Offset is not looking for a large market where they sell a lot of images. They are looking for a smaller market who wants great images.  The pricing set for their simple licensing terms reflects this.Royalty free photos are 250 USD and extended licensed photos are 500 USD. Offset is not for the budget website looking around for images. Offset is eyeing the Getty image market and looking for serious photo buyers who want the absolute best. Their contributors list is different from other stock photo agencies, the prices are higher than other microstock agencies but less than if you hired a photographer. The middle ground is a great way to get high end photos that tell your story and found in minutes. Turn around time for what you want to create will be far less than setting up a photo shoot. Now that makes sense.

Offset is very different from if not a polar opposite to Stocksy

The main difference between Stocksy and Offset is their philosophies. Stocksy is for the contributor, creating a space for contributors to sell their photos in a fair and equitable way. Offset is about the buyer, creating a place for buyers to get great images fast without having to hire a photographer.

Other items that set these two new stock photo agency models apart are pricing, image contributors and target markets. Each serves a great purpose, and both provide amazing images for public purchase. This is not an either or choice, do you use Stocksy or Offset, it is a wow, I have more options revelation. Options are good, and options keep images fresh and current. As a buyer you have the best of both worlds with choice being king (or queen).

Sign up for the Offset invitation to be notified when the Offset site is ready. If anything you get to look at great images. If you find one you like, your purchase will be saving you money as you did not have to hire a photographer.

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Offset: A New Brand from Shutterstock from Offset on Vimeo.

Some Photos from the Launch on March 27, 2013


Images © Alex Rodrigues / Offset

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