Shutterstock shares Design Trend Analysis for 2014

ShutterstockIf you have 30 million files in your offering and over 350 million downloads by customers in the past, you are certainly qualified to draw conclusions about the big picture in design trends. Shutterstock is sharing these conclusions with us in a new info graphic with the big trends to be expected in 2014.

Interestingly, you will find global trends like the well known vintage and faded looks many people know from Instagram and their Facebook friends. Besides those, local trends are showing difference in perception, depending on economy or society: In Asian countries, you can see the top trends to be about floral designs (Japan) or Culture & Tradition (India) while the German export economy is focusing on Global Development and the Silicon Valley leads US designers to use Business & Technology images more regularly.

What to learn from the Shutterstock Infographic?

The infographic is showing important information for all designers trying to focus on either certain specific markets or for a global scale – it might lead you to choose an image that you would otherwise not have found relevant based on your local perception. Have a look at the infographic and use it when considering your next design.

More information about Shutterstock:

Shutterstock Infographic – Design Trends 2014

Shutterstock Infographic 2014

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Amos Struck
Amos Struck

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