Shutterstock Adds 4 New Features to their Free Image Editor


Shutterstock has updated its design application, Shutterstock Editor, adding functionality to make it even easier and faster to create compelling visual designs.

The free online image editing tool, launched at the end of 2015, now includes design templates, import of logos and other visuals, the possibility to save images for further editing and to publish directly from the editor onto social network platforms.

This tool is intended to assist the new generation of digital marketers, who need to create lots of great graphic designs in less time. editor

The 4 New Features in Shutterstock Editor

The free image editor was launched with a set of very useful features and a super user-friendly interface. You can open it from its own site, or from a button in the image detail page on Shutterstock, and it lets you edit Shutterstock's over 90 million images, right away and for free.

The tool let you crop and resize –including preset dimensions for social media and other popular uses as well as custom sizes– and to apply Instagram-like, visually appealing filters. You can do all this using the image's watermarked preview, before licensing, and the changes will be saved and applied once you license the image.

And now, the four new features added take the tool's functionality even further.

Shutterstock Editor's Design Templates
Shutterstock Editor's Design Templates
  • First of all, they've added a collection of professionally designed templates, that you can use in your own custom design.
  • They've also enabled image import to add logos and other business images, to personalize your designs.
  • You can now save your images into the tool, and reopen them later to continue editing them, or publish them.
  • Even more, you can publish your designs directly from Shutterstock Editor to the most relevant social networks.
Shutterstock Editor's Publish Feature
Shutterstock Editor's Publish Feature

Like this, Shutterstock hopes to better serve digital marketers that are a very important part of their customer base. Shutterstock Editor, with its new functions, is a great solution to find, edit and publish great, compelling imagery fast and easy.

Shutterstock Editor's Published Image
Shutterstock Editor's Published Image

If you still haven't, now you should definitely try Shutterstock Editor! It's free!

And don't forget to sign up for free for a Shutterstock account, you'll need it to access the Editor.

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