Shutterstock Joins the Content Authenticity Initiative to Combat Misleading Information Online

Shutterstock has just announced its participation in the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) to address the prevalence of misleading information online. By integrating the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) standard into its AI capabilities and creativity tools, including the AI Image Generator, Shutterstock plans to protect users with verifiable information by integrating Content Credentials.

Shutterstock aims to ensure each asset is certified with secure metadata about its creation, authorship, and edit history. The CAI's free, open-source standards will maintain this information in a metadata trail across multiple tools.

Shutterstock's Senior Director of AI and Data Science, Dr. Alessandra Sala, emphasizes the importance of transparency and distinguishing between AI-generated and artist-created content: “Joining the CAI and adopting the underlying C2PA standard is a natural step in our ongoing effort to protect our artist community and our users by supporting the development of systems and infrastructure that create greater transparency and help our users to more easily identify what is an artist's creation versus AI-generated or modified art, […]. We are excited to work alongside an industry-shaping roster of organizations with the CAI to take on this incredible opportunity and responsibility as we make decisive steps that safeguard the consumption and enhance the verifiability of this new class of content.”

The CAI, led by Adobe, works with industry leaders to increase trust in digital content. With the rise of AI-generated content, the CAI's Content Credentials' solution can be applied to various formats, including images, video, and audio, helping consumers make informed decisions about the content they encounter online.

Shutterstock's partnership with CAI is the latest in a series of strategic steps to bring ethical AI advancements to the creative industry. The company also provides indemnification for the use of generative AI images, supports the development of ethical AI models through partnerships, and compensates artists through its Contributor Fund. Shutterstock collaborates with tech industry leaders to develop generative AI tools and standards.

Ivanna Attié
Ivanna Attié

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