Shutterstock to Open World’s Largest Physical Library in 2020!


April Fools!
Shutterstock isn't really planning on building a physical library. Bummer, we know. We just couldn't resist joining them in poking a little fun this day. Hope you can forgive us, and still enjoy a fun read!

shutterstock logo new s > Shutterstock to Open World's Largest Physical Library in 2020!Shutterstock is shaking things up! It seems sometimes innovation means moving backwards, as the company has just announced its bold plans to open a massive bricks-and-mortar library in New York next year, that will bring its over 250 million images and comparably large video and audio collections from the digital realm into the real world.

Shutterstock's library is set to be one of its kind and deliver the perfect immersive experience for customers, adding a real-life aspect to their successful digital platform.

See more details about what you will find in the physical library in this video below!


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Shutterstock's Bricks-and-Mortar Library

Shutterstock's upcoming real-world stock library will be housed in a brand new building set to start construction in 2020 in Brooklyn, NY, directed by world-famous architect Alexandria Bokeh. The ambitious project will be the largest physical library in the world.

This massive building will host Shutterstock's over 250 million images, plus it will include a full floor showcasing their over 14 million film reels, and a listening bay for their over 6,476.4 hours of music and audio tracks. All images, videos and audio files will include Shutterstock's characteristic watermark.

See more info on Shutterstock's new physical library.

A Touch of Future in the Past

Shutterstock being the avid forward-thinking company they've always been, their new library will merge the taste of the past in their physical collections with the most futuristic tech, as they will ditch human librarians in favour of Cyanotypes, first-of-their-kind AI-powered robots that will be able to efficiently search through the titanic card catalogue to lead patrons to the desired images, videos and tracks. The use of non-human intelligent units will also allow for the library to be open 24/7 all year round.

Shutterstock's Bold Move for this Day

Are you surprised? Excited? Interested? You can see more details on Shutterstock's upcoming NY physical library right here!

April Fools!
Just in case, this news isn't real. There is no upcoming Shutterstock library being built in NY next year. It was just a little joke we played alongside the agency in good old April Fools fashion. We'll be serious from now on, we promise!
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