Shutterstock Introduces Virtual Design Assistant, Teams Up with AI for Good in Responsible AI Development homepage

It’s been an exciting week for Shutterstock, with relevant announcements regarding their involvement in AI tech development. 

Their first Gen AI Showcase event served as a platform to present an upcoming feature on their design platform, a virtual assistant for AI image generation. 

Plus, they will participate in the upcoming AI for Good Summit in Geneva this July, with a keynote focused on the collaboration of humans and AI tools to create art. 

Shutterstock’s New Virtual Design Assistant

During the Gen AI Showcase, a virtual event hosted by Shutterstock on May 17th, where experts from the agency and other top tech companies discussed the present and future of AI applied to visuals, the company took the chance to demo their latest AI-powered feature, which will be introduced into their online platform soon. 

It’s a chatbot virtual assistant that performs AI image generation, and AI image edits from simple, conversational-styled instructions from users. For example: 

–Can you create a cartoon character for a children’s book based on nature? 

–Show me variations

–Please make the eyes bigger 

–Can you change the background to a forest? 

The software functions very similarly to OpenAI (partnered with Shutterstock already in the building of Shutterstock Generate) chatGPT. It will be able to do all the requested generations and edits, performing like a virtual graphic designer and, more importantly, eliminating the need for complex and detailed text prompts and further re-writes until you get exactly what you want. 

This is a very promising feature that could democratize access to AI image generation a lot more than it already is. 

You can read more details on this upcoming feature on!

Shutterstock in the AI for Good Summit

Another recent announcement from Shutterstock is that they are collaborating with AI for Good, a digital platform organized by the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) dependent on the United Nations, which brings experts and global leaders together to find ethical and practical applications of AI technology to advance on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

Shutterstock will have two speakers at the AI for Good Summit 2023, happening between the 6th and 7th of July in Geneva, Switzerland: CTO Sejal Amin and Sr. Director of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Alessandra Sala will deliver a keynote titled “Blending ART + SCIENCE: A Human Approach Towards the Future of Creativity” that will address the ways in which machine learning software and human intervention can merge to produce creative work that is innovative, responsible, and respectful of artists.

For more information, you can check this report on 

Trust Shutterstock to go in full gear into responsible AI development!

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