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Ever wondered how mobile photos and videos shown in newspapers, on the news or on celebrity blogs were obtained? Do you find yourself at newsworthy events with your smart phone without the no how to make money from your unique photos? Depositphotos has just created a way for professional and amateur photojournalists to make money with their newsworthy photos generated by mobile phones. Their new mobile platform Clashot earns photojournalists money, opens up a discussion platform to help photographers be at the right place at the right time and share relevant experiences while on the go.

Clashot is a new mobile platform not just a mobile app

With over 2 years in the making, Clashot has finally been released with more photo abilities than just income generation. The main focus of this new mobile platform is to create a income generating platform for mobile photos but the additional features make is more robust than other mobile apps offered through other stock photo agencies.

Clashot Screenshot

Through the Clashot community, photojournalists will uncover the lastest news and photo news discussions so they can pinpoint trending topics, locations and celebrity sitings. Community participants will share experiences while sharing relevant and fresh content with stock photo buyers. Photojournalism is unique not only as a skill set but as a licensing model.

Editorial photos which include sports activities, concerts, celebrations, demonstrations, public speaking, accidents, celebrities, products and anything that you consider worth notice is highly sought after in any news related platform. News agencies can not have photojournalists at every single global event throughout the day. They depend on the serendipitous sitings of amateur and professional photographers who happen to be at the exact place a news worthy event is taking place.

Who want to buy editorial Photos?

People are wanting to pay for these editorial photos. So why not make money while with our mobile phone? Clashot provides a free mobile app for anyone with an iPhone, enables content up load and opens up the photos for immediate sale. For the photojournalist, the content uploading process is instant and easy. For stock photo buyers looking for newsworthy and fresh content, they just have to browse through licensed photos on Clashot and buy. It is a win win situation and ensures news is photo documented at any time or in any place.

Committment to mobile photo licensing

Depositphotos is working to define new licensing for mobile photos. The unique ability that smart phone users have to take instant photos, upload and share warrants a review of licensing for this type of photojournalism. Depositphotos is committed to ensuring that mobile photos are licensed correctly and that licensing is relevant for this new medium.

Depositphotos is one of the fastest growing stock photo agencies that offers stock photos, stock video and stock vectors with over 150,000 images uploaded daily from international contributors. With a wealth of news and media agencies using the images and video offered at Depositphotos, the addition of Clashot to include editorial licensed images expands the ability of Depositphotos and opens up new opportunities for contributors.

A short and funny Video about how Clashot works

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  1. Something new has been added compared to apps like instagram. Its is a great app where anyone can show their talent of photography and even earn money from this hobby of photography ….

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