Find out the secret to selling video footage online

Instead of showcasing your video clips on YouTube to gain more clients or find your fame, find out how to make money from your video clips through this step by step guide to selling your video or photos online through microstock agencies that showcase video clips and stock photos to buyers looking for stock footage or stock images.

Yuri Arcurs started his stock photo empire on stock photo agency websites like iStockphoto, Shutterstock and Getty Images. Today he has his own stock photography website where he exclusively sells his stock photography to interested buyers. Stock footage, video clips that are anywhere from 3o to 60 seconds in length, are also sold through these stock photo agencies and microstock online websites and can bring a videographer money for their efforts not just YouTube viral recognition.

Find out how to successfully sell your video clips and footage

stockfootageguide logo > Find out the secret to selling video footage onlineThe Ultimate Guide to making money with Stock Footage is a how to, tips, and step by step online video guide to successfully uploading and selling your stock footage. There is an art to selling any stock photography or stock footage and this book spells it all out in one guide. Whether you are a new video contributor looking for a way to make money with your videos or a seasoned video contributor who wants to be more successful with your stock footage sales, this guide lays out how to be successful at stock footage selling. Digital media is changing rapidly and requires a continued focus on new developments, changes within the industry and changes to stock buyers habits. This guide puts stock footage selling into perspective.

Measurable benefits from the online guide

Whether you are focusing on stock footage or stock photos, the Ultimate Guide to making stock footage takes aspiring or seasoned photographers through a step by step guide to successful stock photo and stock footage selling. If you are looking to enter a new area of interest and are tech savvy, this guide can open new doors for independent earning and an outlet for your creative passions that can turn into a money-making business.

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Join the Ultimate Guide to making stock footage now. Not sure? Review the first section of the program for free so you can try before you buy. The program consists of 5 sections, with a money back guarantee if you feel that you have not paid for your camera once you start using their program. Now that is an incentive. The program is only 35 USD and will pay for itself as soon as you start following their guidelines.

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