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iStock has just created a great infographic to help art directors and graphic designers and photographers create a portofolio for thier work. Your portfolio is what will make your career in the industry and set you apart from others in this competitive market. You are only as good as your portfolio, your resume that shows employers, contractors or businesses your exceptional talent.

iStockphoto knows what makes a great art portfolio – read their industry advice

Take our your portfolio and see if you have portrayed your skills and artful eye in the best possible light. Review these portfolio tips and either congratulate yourself for creating a great representation of who you are as an artist or photogrpaher, or make changes.

Keys to a successful art or photography portfolio

  1. Define your style – your style and what you do best is what will make you shine. Your style will show you passion for what you do,which, will get you contracts. Your style will set you apart from others. If your portfolio does not show your style, then you will be like everyone else. Define your style so you get noticed!
  2. Create your brand through stories – Stories through grpahic design or photography will help others understand who you are and what you are passionate about.
  3. Devil is in the details – Focusing on the details of your work, whether it be graphic design, photography or video willl make your pieces go from good to great. Make your pieces the best they can be by honing in on the details of what takes a photo from okay to fabulous.
  4. Quality – A large portfolio of okay work won't get you hired. No one wants to flip through a large portfolio of work that is just that, work. They want to be wow'ed and they want to see your best stuff. A portfolio full of quality images verses a large portfolio of okay work is what will put you on the short list.
  5. Technique and continued education – You can always be better and you can always be cutting edge in your field. Techniques continue to be fine tuned and classes to teach that are a great way to improve on and further your technique. Continued education through mentors, classes, online courses and seminars are a great way to perfect your craft and meet others.

iStock Infographic

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Source of iStock infographic.

Amos Struck
Amos Struck

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