New mobile app from 123rf that lets you make more money (UPDATE)

123rf has just released their new mobile app for photo contributors and photographers, combining mobile photo options with sales incentives so contributors can make more money on the go. The new mobile app by 123rf is called 123rf On-The-Go, a great name that amplifies what this new photo app can do for contributors to 123rf. If you are not a photo contributor for 123rf, what are you waiting for. This new mobile app makes building and monetizing your stock photo portfolio easy!

UPDATE 2 – App launched on Android Systems informed us, that their App has launched on the popular Android platform. You can download the Android version in the Google Play Store here.

Great features on the go that help you make money in stock photography

The new mobile app 123rf On-The-Go has four easy steps for contributing photographers.

  1. Open the app and take a photo
  2. Tag your photos while you are still in the moment, keywords can be added in the moment
  3. Upload your photo immediately to your 123rf portfolio
  4. Watch your photo make money through their sales tab

Photos do not need to be uploaded immediately, but you have the option if you wish. This is a cool app that really lets contributors make money while they are taking photos. If you are traveling, you don't have to wait to get home to make money. Travel and upload great photos while you are on vacation or in a unique area that you know will sell more photos.

Download the app and enter the 123rf photo contest to earn more

123rf has created a photo contest for all 123rf On-The-Go users where you can win $300 USD for a winning entry. The contest is an ongoing program so if your first photos are not chosen, no worries, future contests could have you winning an extra $300 USD for a great mobile photo. If you have old photos in your iPhone that you want to use, use them. The photos just need to be in your mobile phone in order for them to be eligible for upload into the 123rf app available in the iTunes store. Currently only iPhones are eligible for the app, so download it today.

123rf On-The-Go Screenshots

[appimg 658266218]

What you need to know about the new 123rf OTG app

This is what you need to know to join and use the 123rf OTG app:

  1. Available for iPhones (iOS) and Android Devices (NEW)
  2. You will need to create a profile in the app, with a profile photo, in order to upload photos
  3. Payments for photos are done through Paypal, Moneybookers or through cheque. If you wish to be paid out at a lower level, paypal is recommended with payouts done starting at an accumulated bank of $50 USD
  4. All uploaded photos are reviewed by 123rf. Each photo needs to be approved by a 123rf photo reviewer before you can start earning money.
  5. All photos will be granted a royalty free license and can be deleted at any time

The app is easy to use and if you are familiar with stock photo requirements, the above list is not new. If you are new to stock photo selling check the FAQ's and empower yourself with information that will help you be successful when selling photos online. Selling photos is a great income and for many is a great way to make a living or gain a second income.

Check out this video so you can start uploading photos today through the new 123rf mobile app! Check out our review of 123rf and find out why this stock photo company is one of the top six stock photo agencies.

Amos Struck
Amos Struck

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