Yuri Arcurs invests in new stock photo app Scoopshot

Scoopshot LogoScoopshot may be changing the stock photo industry and Yuri Arcurs has put $ 1.2 million behind the project. With over 177,000 contributors, 1,100 of these being professional photographers, you can get real time photos when you need them! Scoopshot is the first crowdsourcing on-demand stock photo service that hopes to change the stock photo industry forever.

Download Scoopshot now:

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Scoopshot works like this.

  1. Request a task photo that you need
  2. The request will be sent out to photographers
  3. In minutes you will receive photos that match your request that can be personalized with your logo or just used as is
  4. Pick the photo you want, buy it and use it.

Wow! This is super interesting and looks like it could change the stock photo industry. Real time photos from anywhere in the world in minutes. Did we hear instant engagement with customers? Sure we do!

Investors and customers are backing this new stock photo innovation

Yuri Arcurs is making news this week, but his backing of Scoopshot shows that this new on-demand service mind be the future for stock photography in his opinion. The capital will be used to expand the Scoopshot service in the US, UK and German markets, an move that will build the demand and use of the real time stock photo app. Historically, these markets are lucrative for stock photo companies so it makes sense to get them on board and using Scoopshot.

Real time photos for increased engagement

The cost to send a photographer to another country for great photos is an investment most companies or blogger can not afford. Even if you could afford it, the time it takes to send someone to another location is in this day and age, more of an expense than the dollars and cents. Having access to real time photos in minutes from anywhere in the world makes Scoopshot worthh its weight in gold. With Twitter and social media sending out news and information in seconds, no one can afford to lose precious time. Scoopshot closes the time and money gap making real time photos not just a possibility but a reality. On-demand stock photography removes the endless searching for photos, removes any time issues and provides in the moment photos that are unique, compelling and engaging.

Scoopshot is cheap, easy and fast

Scoopshot Screenshot

For $5 USD you can have a real time photo ready for immediate publication or use. If you want stock photos without having to request a task, take a look through the image library and choose a photo from the thousands of photos that are filed by category, making your search easy and fast.

The website interface is similar to Pinterest, an familiar interface that most people feel comfortable using. Requesting a task is just as easy, and cheap. If you want extras like a logo added or a banner created, the price will increase, but pricing is clear. Global photos have a fixed price and you can request photos from photographers all over the globe. The flexibility in pricing, location and additional features makes Scoopshot a service worth trying.

Scoopshot is looking to disrupt the current stock photo industry

Scoopshot describes their service as the following:

Scoopshot Logo“Scoopshot is a disruptive digital service that changes the way modern media companies and content marketers work with photos and videos. With Scoopshot anyone has instant access to a global pool of both mobile and professional photographers. Send out photo tasks to engage the crowd, assign professional photographers, or buy photos from a constant stream of consumer photos from around the world. Operating in 177 countries, Scoopshot has signed up more than 280,000 mobile photographers and over 1,100 professional photographers. More than 60 media companies in 15 countries use Scoopshot's service to source photos and commission bespoke photography.”

Check out Scoopshot today on their website or download their app. It is cheap, easy and fast and could end up being your go to stock photo service for increased engagement and real time photos.

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Amos Struck
Amos Struck

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  1. The author of this article forgot to mention that Scoopshot ONLY offers editorial content. That’s a pretty big omission. He also didn’t to mention that Scoopshot transfers the copyright from the seller to the buyer. If you sell on Scoopshot you can only make the one sale – I believe it is only for 2.50 – instead of selling the same image many times on the other stock sites mentioned. Bad deal. If you want to sell your mobile images and retain the copyright (and be able to sell them multiple times) try Picfair. You retain the copyright and get to set your own price. I think you keep all of that commission too (unlike Scoopshot) because the commission is charged on the publisher’s side.

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