Can i use naked photos on my blog?

Your blog and the direction you wish to take with this weblog is your creation.  If you wish to use nude photos to convey a point, highlight news, an idea or gain the attention of audience, the use of nude photos is a decision you need to make. Nude photos do not need to be pornographic. Nude photos can be done tastefully and creatively without having your blog seem pornographic or sex directed.

Nude People in Stock photos

Stock photo agencies do have partially nude people photos in their databases for purchase. These photos are not portrayed as or intended for pornographic, sexually deviant nor do they portray the model as a porn star.  Additionally, the purchaser of the stock photo can not allude to or use the purchased stock photos in this way.

Stock photos portray nudity or nude people in a creative and tasteful way. Partial nudity for stock photographers is art, not sexually deviant. All stock photo agencies clearly state in the licensing agreements that models can not be used in pornography, have viewers relate the stock photo to pornography nor can a model be compromised in the relationship of the stock photo and its final use.

Full Nude model photos can not be purchased on stock photo agency websites

If you are in search of a celebrity nude photo, a full body nude photo or a playboy type nude photo, stock photo agency websites are not for this purpose. This order, if you feel it is appropriate for your blog, would have to be a specifically purchased item from a photographer and can not be obtained on stock photo agency websites or found in stock photo databases.

Creative nude photos can be useful for your blog and editorial licensed images are available on this type of digital media. Canstockphoto has a nice selection of nude photos for your blog or website. Use them tastefully and do not make  reference to pornographic content, porn website links, or portray the model in this light.

Image: iStockphoto © Eugeny Shevchenko

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