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How to buy a company logo


How to buy a Company Logo?
Your company logo is the first and most important visual image for your company that is used in your marketing plan. Finding the perfect company logo and a designer to create that perfect company logo can be a challenge. Fotolia just partnered with a new online design service called Wilogo that creates custom designed logos, banner ads, and other company marketing materials virtually. The process of finding a designer for your new business logo just got easier and cheaper.

Pick your new company logo from a variety of designs

When you use one designer to design a few options of your company logo, each logo can look very similar providing the company with very few options to choose from. Wilogo puts your request out to hundreds of designers who submit their interpretation of what your company logo should look like based on your vision explanation.

We just went through the process of getting a company logo designed by Wilogo using their crowd sourcing process and found that we really came out the winner in this process. Crowd sourcing is not new on the internet and using it for a new company logo design was the best choice we could have made. Here is our story that describes how we found a great logo for our company on Wilogo and the benefits of their crowd sourcing platform.

From an idea for a company logo to over 80 designs in 3 days

Wilogo Screenshot

Wilogo Company Logo Screenshot

We knew what we wanted for our new company logo and found that the designers we had used previoulsy were booked up with too many projects. The company logo needed to be done ‘yesterday' and the time pressure was mounting. The marketing campaign needed to be formed but without a company logo for our business we could not more forward. Wilogo was suggested to us from a friend who had used this crowd source platform just recently with very positive results. Their company logo was brilliant and it took just 3 days to get the final version.

So we decided to give it a try. Crowd source platforms were new to us, but Wilogo made it easy for a first time user. Wilogo describes their platform as a design contest, where designers are provided a creative brief written by you and they post their images for the contest. We defined what we were looking for, colors, possible images, text, and ideas, made a brief overview on the website form and submitted the ideas. Within 2 hours had notification that there were logos for us to review. 2 hours! And we just submitted.

Within three days we had received over 80 images to choose from and could narrow down the business logos that we thought would be good contenders for the business as they were submitted. No one got offended, we could ask for changes or modifications to designs that we liked but wanted to enhance. Designers responded quickly and we narrowed down our choices to 10 by day 3. Once the submission time was over we have 5 days to make a decision. This was extremely helpful so we could run it by our test and focus groups before we made a final decision on our company logo, an important image that would define the company on and off line.

How does it work ?

  1. Complete a creative brief at Wilogo
  2. Choose from 80 custom-designed logos
  3. Request modifications
  4. You've got the perfect logo!

Decision was made and the company logo files delivered in two hours

Once we made our final decision as to which company logo was best for us, the files were delivered to us in two hours! This meant that we could start building our marketing strategy, publish our website, create our Facebook fan pages, Twitter profile and other social media immediately. Five days earlier the stress was difficult to live with as we did not know where we were going to find a designer at a reasonable cost to create a company logo fast and do the job well. Wilogo and the crown sourcing process gave us more than we expected and exceeded our expectations.

Wilogo crowd sourcing enhancement programs for quicker service

Wilogo has over 15,000 designers that work within the crowd source arena. If a client wants to entice some of the best designers or provide incentives for designers, Wilogo enables these options when you submit your creative brief. The program at Wilogo is easy, fast and flexible. If you need images fast and professionaly created Wilogo is the place to start. If you are not happy with any of the submissions, you have a money back guarantee from Wilogo. With over 80 designs from 80 different designers it is unlikely that you come up empty handed.

Wilogo is a partner of Fotolia

Wilogo describes their services as connecting graphic designers with companies to produce amazing design. The goal: helping companies rapidly source a variety of high quality design concepts and materials. Having Fotolia as their partner makes sense and completes a circle in the services that these two company offers. Fotolia is one of the largest stock photo agencies online and provides stock photos, stock images and stock vectors to company world wide. By partnering with Wilogo, Fotolia has just added a custom design option to their existing clients who need specific design services for their company.

Check put Wilogo today and see if any of their design services, especially the company logo creation and design option, are what you need for your business image, your marketing needs or your personal brand. The process is quick, easy and fast and the results will amaze you! We thought is was the coolest and most convenient way to get a logo for our business and were more than impressed with the results.

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