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Do I Need A Corporate Account For Buying Stock Photography For My Company?


Stock photography is available and can be accessed for free by just about anyone on the Internet. In general, you do not need to have a corporate account to purchase stock photos. You actually only would need a few minutes to register on a stock agency to view your photos of choice. After you have made your options and decided to place an order, then that’s the time you finalize your transaction with your payment enclosed.

Stock Photo Agency Company Accounts

For some buyers however, they find it pretty difficult to actually handle multiple accounts and purchase stock photography with multiple transactions. This would usually occur if one or more persons would buy photos. This is mainly the reason why if you have a company, having a corporate account to purchase stock photography is a better option. It mainly works like the usual account you place in on a stock agency. You will need credits (or a subscription) and can have the ability to purchase photos in bulk. In some rare cases the, the rates would differ. Most Agencies offer corporate accounts for the same price as private accounts.

Account Handling

If you are the one handling your own corporate account, you are responsible for the purchases and transactions done via the stock photography agency. Handling a corporate account is also one way of keeping your company budget in line while getting the most out of the service. On some agencies you would be able to create sub-accounts for different departments of your company. At Fotolia for example, you can give your departments also limited credits they can use. The sub-accounts can be automaticaly refilled from your main corporate accounts or you can re-fill them manually with credits.

The tools set in several stock photography agencies for corporate accounts are exclusive only to these types of accounts. You might wonder why this is important and necessary. Well, considering that there are several members in your company, you might want to take some time to organize your tasks and this is mainly one of them. Thus, you would have sole administrative privileges over the account which will allow you to add your team, remove them and grant access to what particular activity you want them to be involved in.

You, as a corporate account holder, will be privileged enough to handle, not only transactions, but also the distribution of the allotted budget for each of the members of your team. Leaving no room for overspending or excess in purchases. This can be monitored by an add-on feature to your corporate account that delivers report patterned according to your own customization during the account set up. Not only that, these reports also are distributed to your whole team, thereby having a quick access to whatever everyone is buying, will be buying, and had already bought.

Check the terms

One quick look at the terms and conditions of the package and you will see that having a corporate account in dealing with a group of workers is the best option yet. Budget, activity, and people support can be monitored and tracked down, avoiding possible conflicts with the agency, and your team. Plus, it creates a system that you can get used to and can apply in whatever aspect of team-playing within a business.

Use subscripton based Stock Agencies

We recommend to use Shutterstock, which is the largest subscription-based stock photo agency in the world. Every day they add thousands of photographs, illustrations, and vectors to their outstanding collection of premium, royalty-free images. Their On Demand subscription start at $49 (5 images) and go up to $249 per Month which contain 750 hi-res images / month / 25 a-day downloads.