Using Vector Magic to Create Vector Images

Versatility of vector images is well-known to everyone and one online application that lets you convert digital images to vector images is vector magic. Scalability provided by the vector images is unbeatable by the digital images and this is the primary reason for their popularity. However, the tools that facilitate the conversion of digital images to vector images are generally not of good standards. You would find that the conversions made are not of high quality and despite having a vector image, you are not able to make full use of its versatility because your image is of low quality.

Converting Digital Images with Vector Magic

The input images are differentiated as photos and artwork by this application. Artwork is further differentiated into categories that use blending along color boundaries and those that doesn't use blending. Different types of processing is used by the application for each category. I used the online version of this application and I am really impressed by the results from the Vector Magic website.


The online edition of this application automatically selects the image type once you upload the image. You get to see original photo and the output vector image simultaneously. There are many settings that you can use to make output image the look which is similar to input image. I think that the option provided are enough to get best output while converting. After making the alterations you can save the output files in several formats. I was going to use output file in Adobe Illustrator and therefore saved my vector image in EPS format. That's it, the whole process took me few minutes, and the time reduces as you get used with settings of the application.

Performance of Vector Magic Online Tool

When I opened my EPS image file in Illustrator the first thing I checked was the paths that were created in the vector representation. I think this was the best way to determine the ease with which vector image is editable in other applications. The results were great as I found there were 11962 points that made 1440 paths and all were closed. Therefore, the image that I got with the help of vector magic was easily scalable and extremely clean.

Benefits of Using Vector Magic


  • Vector magic allows you to select the detail level when you are converting your images. You can choose to edit color setting in a better way.


  • There are flexible pricing options that are provided by the makers of this application. If you are heavy user of this application, then buying the desktop version of the Vector Magic software, which is nice option as you get unlimited access for lifetime.
  • If your usage is regular but limited, then monthly subscription of the website is a great option. If you need their services at random time, then there is an option of buying token in the quantity of 5, 10, and 20. On your online registration you get 2 tokens free as a trial of their service.


Vector magic is a powerful online application that creates truly versatile vector images from any digital image you choose. The best thing about the tool is it's easy to use and very fast. Read on in our more detailed Vector Magic review here.

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