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Virtual Design Staff – How to use this online design service


virtual-design-staff-howtoRecently we wrote a review about the Virtual Design Staff service that helps freelancers and small businesses access graphic designers quickly, easily and cheaply. We liked the idea, and wanted to try the service for ourselves as the online design service was something that we wanted to use and experience.

Virtual Design Staff Logo

Graphic design can be costly, hard to find and in some cases, expenses. If you have a lot of design needs for your website, your blog or email newsletter needs, having a graphic designer on staff can be cost prohibited or space prohibited. Virtual Design Staff is a service that could help lots of businesses but we wanted to test it for ourselves.

First graphic design project with Virtual Design Staff

We had a need for a logo that would be used for an email newsletter and made the request to Virtual Design Staff to design this logo. The request process and opening of a ticket was easy and fast. We placed our desires and needs for this logo and submitted instantly. Our service level with Virtual Design Staff is at the base level, so we knew that we needed to wait 72 hours for a response and the first designs.

Virtual Design Staff Ticket System

What we received after the 72 hour waiting period were 5 images for our review! This was a surprise, but a welcomed surprise. Our expectation was one or two designs, so it was wonderful to have 5 designs to review.

This is what we received:

Our initial request was simple. We stated where the logo was to be used, what some of the images could be, requested the text as Vacation Vibe and did not state color. If you choose to be more specific in color, images to be used, or even have some images that you wish to incorporate into your design, the ticketing process allows for these specifics to be put into the request.

Graphic Design editing process with Virtual Design Staff

In review of what we received, we decided to focus on one image that we liked but wanted to edit. Our next ticket, the process by which requests are submitted to Virtual Design Staff, was very specific, outlined color and outlined the elements that we wanted to keep and elements that we wanted to delete in the logo that we liked and wanted to use.

Virtual Design Staff assigned our ticket to one designer. What we loved about the ticketing system once we submitted our first ticket, was that we were submitting to one designer who was in charge of our project. The designer had a profile photo, so we felt like we were working with a partner, not just a faceless virtual office. This made the process feel personal, and as though we had our own personal designer for the process. Having a face to the ongoing editing process was a nice addition to the Virtual Design Staff process.

After submitting the ticket with the edits, we received the edit back in 72 hours and were pleased with the final results.

This is the final design that we decided to use:


Review of the Virtual Design Staff process and submission procedures

This is what we liked about the Virtual Design Staff process when we needed a logo for a newsletter

  • The ticketing process was easy and fast
  • Response time from designers was within the time frame promised
  • The format for the ticketing process was personal, effective and easy to use
  • Designers were creative, innovative and took direction well
  • We received a well designed logo as EPS file and JPG file, ready to be used

What small business owners may find difficult is the response time. 72 hours for some small business owners may not be fast enough. Designs need to be planned, something that small business owners struggle with on a daily basis. Being small business owners, we know that there are days when planning is not an option. If you want to get the design right the first time, be extremely detailed in your ticket request and outline exactly what you want. If design is not your forte, be prepared for edits and changes which will take 72 hours at the base membership level. If you want designs to move faster with a shorter turnaround time, upgrade you membership and pay for a faster turn around time. In some cases, it is worth the extra money to move your projects along.

We enjoyed the Virtual Design Staff process. We submitted a request that was pretty simple, so we are not sure how a more detailed request would be. The staff were great to work with and we liked the ticketing program Virtual Design Staff is using. If you are in need of a designer to help you with projects we would recommend that you look into Virtual Design Staff as an option for your needs. The service is affordable, effective and user friendly.

Check out our review of Virtual Design Staff so you can decide for yourself!


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