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What is “Pay as you Go”?


Stock photography agencies offer different payment options for their members. “Pay as you Go” is one of the options that is open to stock photo users and buyers. “Pay as you Go” is in reference to the credit package option. Stock photo buyers who require few stock photos monthly, annually or every few years can buy credits as they need photos and not have to pay large upfront subscription fees.

How much is a photo when you Pay as you Go?

Stock photos are still cheap on the Pay as you Go credit system.  Stock agency credit prices can range from $1.50 a credit and can be as cheap as $0.50.  The final credit cost will depend on the package you buy and with which stock photo agency.  Photos are priced according to artist, size, resolution and licensing agreements.

Who should use Pay as you Go credits?

Stock Photo buyers who need images for one project, are new to buying to online stock photos or someone who needs only a few stock photos are the best candidates for the Pay as you Go system.  Additionally, if you hold a stock agency subscription but find the perfect photo on another stock agency site, the pay as you go credit system enables you to buy that one stock photo from the stock agency where your subscription does not apply.

After using a stock photo agency for a longer duration and you find that your monthly image needs can accommodate or benefit from a agency subscription, do the math, calculate your budget and when you are ready, buy the subscription.  Many companies purchase a subscription during their busy months and use pay as you go credit packages during less busy months.  As a stock agency member you have the option and freedom to choose the best buying system for your needs and budget.

Checking stock agency prices, membership benefits and subscription rates is a good idea for the new user.  Each site has millions of stock photography to choose from and it may come down to price or pricing systems.  iStockphoto, Dreamstime and Canstockphoto all have competitive pricing and can have you downloading ready to use stock photos in minutes.

Which stock agency buying system do you use and would you recommend it?


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