Where can i buy panorama photos?

Panorama photos, or panoramic photos as they are sometimes referred to, require a special photo lens that takes wide angle photos.  The photographer not only has this equipment but also has the eye to envision how a photo of this nature will transfer into print.  Stock photo agencies sell these uniquely crafted photos on stock photography websites and add a unique perspective to landscape, travel and historical landmark stock photo needs.

Image stitched photos

When panamara photo technology was developed in the early 20th century, many of final photos were imaged stitched, a process where a series of images were stitched together to create the illusion of a full panorama photo.  When reviewing stock photos, check for the use of this technology in the photographers photo. Current software enables photos that are panorama in nature to be seamlessly stitched and if not completed well, the average eye can pick up the image stitching. The quality of stock photos available on stock photo agencies will ensure a professional seamless image stitching process, but for your own comfort, check if the image is shot with a panorama lens or camera technology or is imaged stitched.

Using panorama photos for large marketing ad surfaces

Panorama photos are useful for large marketing presentations like bill boards, highway ads, images that stretch along buses and bridges.  Image stitched photos can be useful for this large medium as the final stock image will be a high resolution gigapixel image that can accommodate  a large surface.

Travel panorama photos

When trying to market or convey to an audience an immense area or travel landmark, panorama images of a large historical site will communicate the vastness of a space and show the entire landmark. It is a compelling image technique that will draw your audience into a photo and communicate the importance of a travel destination.

Communicating to your market the importance of a place or object that is large, vast and bigger than words, is best shown in a panoramic stock photo that can be found on Fotolia, Shutterstock or iStockphoto. With various purchasable image sizes, your stock photo has a multitude of uses from magazine ads to larger marketing surfaces so continuity can be build into your marketing program.

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Amos Struck

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