The 40 Most Downloaded Images 2019: See What Sold Best This Year!

The last week of the year is a rather insightful time for the stock photography industry. Not only do we look ahead to the Photography Trends 2020 to predict what will be selling next year, but we also look back to what content was most popular and best-selling this year. 

This is a great way of knowing where the visual market is at, what are creatives looking for and where will the demand be in terms of graphic design, all the kind of knowledge that puts you one step ahead of everyone else in terms of finding the perfect marketing images for the coming year. 

The team at Stock Photo Secrets has reached out to the main stock photo agencies, and they have shared their most downloaded files with us, so we can share them with you! It's very interesting to compare them to the Most Downloaded Images in 2018, as well as contrast them against the Photography Trends 2019 predictions from earlier to see how accurate they were. 

So without further ado, here are the… 

Most Downloaded Photos in 2019


photocase logo w > The 40 Most Downloaded Images 2019: See What Sold Best This Year!A stock photo agency based in Berlin, Photocase is the go-to source for quirky, fun-loving, and unconventional stock images, the type that stands out from the rest yet does the trick in any commercial-oriented design (hello, Instagram for business!). 

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 And these are the most downloaded photos from their library in 2020:  


Woman eye seen through book

Copyright 2017 inkje / Photocase, all rights reserved.


Fashion woman hair flowers

Copyright 2017 nanihta / Photocase, all rights reserved.


Men sitting on bridge at sunset

Copyright 2016 BeneA / Photocase, all rights reserved.


Woman walking behind wall

Copyright 2017 time. / Photocase, all rights reserved.


Horses in green field with mist

Copyright 2016 Catalenca / Photocase, all rights reserved.


Word on papel eraser pencil

Copyright 2017 kallejipp / Photocase, all rights reserved.


Pine trees with snow inside cardboard box

Copyright 2018 ASIFE / Photocase, all rights reserved.


Cityscape winter building river bridge

Copyright 2017 Tim T. / Photocase, all rights reserved.


Children playing in puddle rain

Copyright 2016 / Photocase, all rights reserved.


Letter sign super

Copyright 2016 neal joup / Photocase, all rights reserved.


shutterstock logo new p > The 40 Most Downloaded Images 2019: See What Sold Best This Year!Dubbed the stock photo giant by many, Shutterstock is one of the most popular stock photo agencies of today, famously known for its massive catalog with over 300 million files and counting. They specialize in sharp, uber-commercial, and modern pictures, and they have a huge variety in every possible topic and style you can think of. 

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These are the images people downloaded the most from Shutterstock this year: 


Colourful ink spots on white

Copyright: Shutterstock / Uniyok


Man mountain bike riding

Copyright: Shutterstock / Daxiao Productions


Golden Geometric Shapes

Copyright: Shutterstock / Gluiki


Abstract geometric patterns

Copyright: Shutterstock / Ron Dale


Senior businesswoman in meeting

Copyright: Shutterstock / fizkes


Marble gold and white texture

Copyright: Shutterstock / vectortwins


People performing summer outdoor activities

Copyright: Shutterstock / GoodStudio


3d graphic big data visualization futuristic

Copyright: Shutterstock / GarryKillian


Modern Living room

Copyright: Shutterstock / Africa Studio


Black 3d triangular pattern

Copyright: Shutterstock / chanchai howharn

Stock Photo Secrets 

StockPhotoSecrets Logo White e1500923744632 > The 40 Most Downloaded Images 2019: See What Sold Best This Year!Our very own Stock Photo Secrets Shop is a service oriented to small and medium-sized businesses, that aims at providing high-quality stock photography at affordable prices and with the best licensing terms. Our library has around 6 million images and we add up to 100,000 more every month, thriving to keep our collection fresh and up to date. 

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Here are our most sold images this year: 


Hand drawn vintage arrows, feathers, dividers and floral elements

Copyright: Ingram Images / Stock Photo Secrets


Server room interior in datacenter

Copyright: Ingram Images / Stock Photo Secrets


Abstract perspective futuristic technology geometric with light burst blue background.

Copyright: Ingram Images / Stock Photo Secrets


Digital network connection lines of Hong Kong Downtown and Victoria Harbour. Financial district in smart city in technology concept. Skyscraper and high-rise buildings. Aerial view at night.

Copyright: Ingram Images / Stock Photo Secrets


World Map in colours

Copyright: Ingram Images / Stock Photo Secrets


senior woman and doctor with clipboard at hospital

Copyright: Ingram Images / Stock Photo Secrets


Hands holding heart illustration

Copyright: Ingram Images / Stock Photo Secrets


outlined icons communications

Copyright: Ingram Images / Stock Photo Secrets


Winter white christmas bokeh blue and sparkling lights Festive background

Copyright: Ingram Images / Stock Photo Secrets


abstract polygonal background

Copyright: Ingram Images / Stock Photo Secrets


dreamstime logo e1567194341285 > The 40 Most Downloaded Images 2019: See What Sold Best This Year!Dreamstime is one of the top stock photo agencies in the industry, going strong since the early days of microstock. Their quality of service and flexible pricing sets them amongst the most chosen by many creatives, and their images are suitable for any professional use you have in mind. 

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The most downloaded images 2020 from Dreamstime are: 

Business project meeting

Copyright: Mooshny |

Tree in hands

Copyright: Sarayut Thaneerat |

Colourful suitcases on the beach

Copyright: Hd3dsh |

Branches and globes on clear wooden board

Copyright: Valentin Jucov |

Tree made of colourful hearts

Copyright: Hakan Ertan |

Old wooden board background

Copyright: Rawin Tanpin |

abstract sun drawing

Copyright: Andrey Chaikin |

Milky Way panoramic view

Copyright: Panom Bounak |

Silhouette of pine trees

Copyright: Siarhei Nosyreu |

Speaker at business conference

Copyright: Kasto80 |

Seeing these 40 best-selling images from professional stock photo agencies shows that many of their experts nailed their visual trend predictions right on the head.

Just like they told us in our Photography Trends 2020 report, this year the most downloaded imagery was intimate and realistic, artistic, yet with great commercial value. For illustrations, minimalism, geometric patterns, and natural textures were constant. Don't miss out on our new Photography Trends 2020 report here to see any upcoming trends.

What do you think of the most downloaded photos of this year? Are you surprised by any of them? Let us know your thoughts!

Amos Struck
Amos Struck

I am a publisher and entrepreneur in the stock imagery field. I focus on providing knowledge and solutions for buyers, contributors and agencies, aiming at contributing to the growth and development of the industry. I am the founder and editor of Stock Photo Press, one of the largest networks of online magazines in the industry. I am the founder of Microstock Expo, the only conference dedicated to the microstock segment. I created several software solutions in stock photography like WordPress plugins. Plus I am a recurrent speaker at Photokina Official Stage, and an industry consultant at StockPhotoInsight. I am passionate about technology, marketing and visual imagery.

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