Pixoto Stock Agency use Social Voting for Stock Images

Pixoto LogoThere is a new kid on the block out of Boulder Colorado and they are making headlines in the stock photo agency world with their social powered stock photo agency site, Pixoto. The start of the site is interesting and how well the site is doing is even more intriguing. Pixoto launched  the next natural evolution of their site this week, to some rave reviews and a bit of history behind their start up.

How a photo contest set the stage for a stock photo agency

Pixoto started as a contest and community where people could discover, discuss & vote on photographer submitted images. Using their photo dual imaging system, the contest took off and recieved over 1.5million photo submissions, and 100,000 participants. The basis behind the site was to encourage players to vote on images using the Pixoto dual imaging system and have the best of the best rise to the top of the site. Clever, popular and fast growing. This was all done in 2011.

Pixoto Voting


The rise of the stock photo agency on Pixoto

With so many great photos and contributing photographers, the natural step was to offer stock licenses to the general public so photographers could reap benefits from their craft, brand themselves and new stock photos would be released in the marketplace. With some simple changes and a licensing option, Pixoto now offers and sells licenses to the images that grew this social photo contest.

Images start at $9.95 for single purchases with image pack options to keep the price down. This is a very recent addition to the Pixoto site and worth checking out!

Bloggers can embed images for free!


If you are blogger and are looking for free images, Pixoto has a free system for bloggers who require images for their site. The images will need to be embedded and the blogging tool that Pixoto has developed is a great way to get incredible photos for free….yes for ….free.

What does Pixoto hope to achieve?

Pixoto wants to have the best images on their site, ever! If you have a look at their leaderboards you may just be nodding your head saying, yup, they did it, they have some really great images. These are not run of the mill stock images, these are great photos! The format that Pixoto has used to gain the trust and engagment of new and old photographers is amazing. The daily engagment they receive on their site through their dual image voting system, worth a look. If you are looking for images, you must take a look. If you are a photographer who has great images and wants to showcase your images, both of you have come to the right place. As a good photographer you can brand yourself, as a stock photo buyer, you can find great unique photos easily, and as a blogger, well you get the free stuff which is a great deal all around.

Check out Pixoto and discover how community photo voting just may bring us some of the best photos in the world.

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