14 Women-Owned Stock Photo Agencies to Discover (and Support)

As women-owned businesses continue to rise around the globe, did you ever wonder how many stock photo sites are founded and directed by women? 

We sure have, and we learned that not only are there many companies in the stock photo industry with women in the lead, but they are also very different from one another. From the services they offer to their target market to their approach to business. And so we made this list with what we think are the best woman-woned stock photo agencies worth knowing, including valuable insight from the women that lead them!

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The Rise of Women-Owned Businesses 

In the last few years, women-owned businesses have seen impressive and continuous growth: in the US alone, in 2021, women-owned businesses represented 48.6% of all businesses, increasing from 42% in 2019. To further dimension this growth, it’s sufficient to know that number was merely 4.6% fifty years ago. 

The trend is also present in entrepreneurship. Last year, a reported 49% of startups were led by women, up from 28% in 2019. 

Besides the social aspects involved in having more women in leadership positions and influencing their communities –and the world at large–it’s fascinating to see the unique perspectives and approaches they introduce into every industry. And the creative industry isn’t an exception.

14 Woman-Owned Stock Photo Agencies Worth Knowing

In stock photography and graphic design resources, we have also noted the surge of more companies, brands, and services led by women daily. Some target women, some focus on niche markets, and some catering the global community. 

If you want to support women-owned companies or are simply curious to know which sites are developed and managed by women, our upcoming list is worth a read!


Canva Pro Homepage > 14 Women-Owned Stock Photo Agencies to Discover (and Support)
www.canva.com homepage

You would have to live under a rock not to have at least heard of Canva. Dubbed the design unicorn due to its fast growth and early reaching of the 1 Billion net worth milestone, this Australian company centers around a user-friendly design tool that lets you create professional visuals without having professional design skills. Currently, Canva is a complete platform that offers templates, stock images, videos, AI image generation, and much more. 

But did you know that it’s a woman-owned business? The company’s CEO and Co-Founder is Melanie Perkins, an entrepreneur who previously founded a successful online tool for yearbook design. Ever since the launch of Canva in 2013, Perkins and her team have impressed the world with their innovative developments for visual creatives and their company's fast and steady growth. 

If you want to be impressed yourself, check out this full Canva Stats report!

Ready to try Canva? Then use our exclusive, Extended Canva Pro Free Trial!

Image Source

image source homepage > 14 Women-Owned Stock Photo Agencies to Discover (and Support)
image source logo > 14 Women-Owned Stock Photo Agencies to Discover (and Support)

Image Source is a long-standing stock photography agency that offers both Rights Managed and Royalty Free licenses for professional stock images. It was launched in 1998, and it was one of the first companies to consider that stock photography needed to be authentic and of high creative value and not just leftover takes from other photoshoots. 

Based in London, the agency hosts many high-quality photos, illustrations, and videos on its website, ready to license and use in your projects. 

christina vaughan headshot > 14 Women-Owned Stock Photo Agencies to Discover (and Support)
Christina Vaughan – Founder and Director of Image Source

Not only is this agency older than many of the others on this list, but it’s also founded and directed by a woman, Christina Vaughan. Besides Image Source, Christina is also the founder of Cultura Creative, a stock photo collection focused on diversity, and is currently the president of the CEPIC organization. 

Here is what Christina has to tell us about being a woman leader in the stock photo industry:

Stock Photo Secrets: Do you consider gender perspective relevant in your leadership? And in your company/brand? Why or why not?

Christina Vaughan: I think women often bring a more collegiate and inclusive approach to leadership and can be more encouraging of employees to think more laterally around goals and not be solely profit-focused. Given the fact that in this industry there is still a huge imbalance amongst female leaders, then it is very important that the female perspective – ie ½ of humanity – is reflected.

I would like to think that women take a longer-term view on business and horizons and can be much more empathetic and seek win-win situations. They also often have much greater pain thresholds and, therefore, tolerance and patience.

Image Source has always been very equitable in its approach. However, I still felt the need to launch a new and separate business in Cultura as I thought it was not only important to be an ally but also to take the lead in demonstrating how important gender equity is as well as celebrating diversity in skin color, race, sexuality, and disability.

I regularly take moments of proud breaths when I look around on set and see that we have all female crews in an area that has been so male-driven for so long. I also take much pride when I am approached by students and young female adults, as well as older women returning to work when they tell me how much it means to them to see role models like me to who they can relate and feel that they will be judged on their merits rather than their gender. We still have a long way to go, but it also feels that we have made some very important steps forward in just a few short years regarding gender balance and equality.

I also want men to know that we are allies to them too – I grew up with 4 brothers and recognize the importance that Men and Women make to society and how they contribute as leaders – if we all work together, we make for a better society.

SPS: Tell us your opinion on the stock media industry today: what excites you about it, and where is it going from here?

CV: Stock has been a constantly evolving form, and that’s what excites me – its power to evolve, expand, morph and grow – it is that dynamic that I have always been enchanted by – in my professional career, I have seen the change from analog to digital, from transparency to jpeg and a whole raft of licensing models from RM to RF, subscription to microstock and that’s what makes this industry so exciting – its ability to change, to shape, to reinvent.

I am excited about all the different forms of lens-based media in our industry and the opportunity with NFTs and AI. But most of all, I am excited about the changing face of stock as it becomes more diverse and inclusive and the wonderful societal impact that the changes behind the camera and the models in front can make. These are really exciting times for us as an industry to help shape the world we live in, as it’s so much easier to be, once one sees.

SPS: What advice do you have for other women in the stock photo business?

CV: The most important advice would be to be yourself and to tell your story – our story is the one thing we truly own, so tell it with confidence, courage, optimism, and pride. And remember to focus, be the best you can be, and make sure you help others up along the way.

Life is not easy – especially business life for a woman – but if you can be your true authentic self, you work with integrity and vision, then this is an industry that can offer you endless opportunities to scale on a global basis and to deliver creative and commercial excellence whilst harnessing the powers of new technology.

It is a great time to be a woman, and it is a great time to explore and have an open mind for Content mixed with Technology. There are not enough Women in Tech who can use that expertise to trailblaze in stock – if ever there was a great time to be that woman it is now.

Thank you, Christina!

You can visit Image Source to see their beautiful imagery, including a selection of Cultura Creative content. 

The Luupe

the luupe homepage > 14 Women-Owned Stock Photo Agencies to Discover (and Support)
the luupe logo > 14 Women-Owned Stock Photo Agencies to Discover (and Support)

The Luupe is an online platform that connects brands and businesses with women and non-binary visual creatives (photographers, videographers, production specialists) that can produce on-brand content at their required scale, bringing unique and authentic perspectives from all over the world. 

Clients can submit creative briefs detailing their visual marketing needs. The company matches them to the right artists in their portfolio, who can produce on-brand photos, videos, and visual content on spec. As their network of artists is global, their service also allows brands to expand their reach and visual representation quickly. 

This interesting New York-based company is the brainchild of Keren Sachs, its founder, and CEO. Before launching The Luupe in 2019, Sachs worked as an executive for none other than the stock photo titan Shutterstock and as a private consultant. 

If this service poked your interest, you could book a creative consultation on The Luupe’s website here

Tetra Images

tetra images homepage > 14 Women-Owned Stock Photo Agencies to Discover (and Support)
logoheaderTetra > 14 Women-Owned Stock Photo Agencies to Discover (and Support)

A stock photo site specializing in conceptual imagery, Tetra Images is the place to find premium quality photos and footage available for license, and more recently, have included Blend Images, a brand focused on diverse and inclusive visuals. 

This business started in 2004 and is headquartered in New Jersey. Its CEO is Valerie King Saunders, who also serves as director for Blend Images and has extensive experience in the stock photography industry, having worked for Comstock and the now-extinguished Corbis agency before Tetra. 

To discover the quality and variety of these image collections, check out the Tetra Images website

Haute Stock

haute stock homepage > 14 Women-Owned Stock Photo Agencies to Discover (and Support)
haute stock logo > 14 Women-Owned Stock Photo Agencies to Discover (and Support)

Haute Stock is a stock photography service that offers styled imagery with a polished, feminine, and minimalistic aesthetic under a membership model. Members access thousands of curated stock images, videos, and marketing templates with a modern feel and can also submit content requests. 

This is a “from women, for women” type of business. Founded by online marketing, brand designer, and self-taught photographer Rachel Rouhana, this Canada-based company has an all-women team. They produce stock images, videos, and marketing advice for other women-owned businesses, to up-level their brand for a fraction of the cost. 

Besides media and customizable templates, they offer images that fit your brand colors and other professional marketing advice. 

If you want to try out their images, don’t miss their special giveaway of 21 free photos.

Blaublut Edition

blaublut edition home > 14 Women-Owned Stock Photo Agencies to Discover (and Support)
blaublut edition logo > 14 Women-Owned Stock Photo Agencies to Discover (and Support)

Blaublut Edition is a curated collection of high-end photography covering fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and still life (with a focus on women). They work with Rights Managed licenses, with custom rights and prices according to your usage needs. The collection includes a great street style segment covering trends from the most prestigious fashion meccas in the world.

Founder, CEO, and curator Gudrun Wronski launched Blaublunt Edition (based in Germany) in 2009 and later founded a curated gallery of limited-edition contemporary photography named Unveiled Art. And the rest of the leading team behind this company is also made of women.

If you are looking for high-value, trendy fashion photography for your projects, Blaublut Edition is a great option to explore, and you would be supporting a woman-owned business.

Ivory Mix

ivory mix homepage > 14 Women-Owned Stock Photo Agencies to Discover (and Support)
Ivory Mix Logo 2021 > 14 Women-Owned Stock Photo Agencies to Discover (and Support)

Ivory Mix is a stock media and design resources marketplace for women-owned businesses and women-oriented brands. You can find styled stock photos, Canva templates, social media captions, marketing workshops, and more to improve your social media marketing and brand image. 

This is a business oriented to women that has a woman owner. Former interior designer Kayla Marie Butler started Ivory Mix as a hobby in 2015, only to turn it into a successful company that became her principal occupation. 

This is a membership-only service, but they have a free forever membership with access to 550+ stock photos and templates, with a handful of new files added monthly. The premium Elite membership is paid quarterly and gives you full access to all their offers, including tens of thousands of high-quality photos and templates. Check it out!


pixistock homepage > 14 Women-Owned Stock Photo Agencies to Discover (and Support)
Pixistock LogoAsset 1calendar > 14 Women-Owned Stock Photo Agencies to Discover (and Support)

Pixistock is a visual and social media marketing strategy service that includes styled stock photos and videos, premium Canva templates, a proprietary content planning board, and various other visual marketing resources. It’s intended to help female bloggers and entrepreneurs improve and scale their online presence while saving time and effort. 

It is also a woman-led, New York-based company that has been around since 2017. The founder, CEO, and lead photographer of Pixistock is Alicia Powell, an interior and space designer. 

This is a membership-based service with monthly, quarterly, and annual subscription options. If you want more details about prices, visit the Pixistock website.


pocstock homepage > 14 Women-Owned Stock Photo Agencies to Discover (and Support)
pocstock logo 1 > 14 Women-Owned Stock Photo Agencies to Discover (and Support)

Pocstock is a stock photo library that produces authentic and inclusive imagery of people of color. They have photos, illustrations, and videos, covering various topics, all featuring people of color, and in high-quality, suitable for professional use. 

The company is based in New Jersey, has been around since 2019, and has a woman in the leading team: the CCO and co-founder is Tamara Fleming, a seasoned photographer who is also founded and is involved in a few women and minority-related projects. 

To download and use images from Pocstock, you need to subscribe to one of their multiple membership plans, which you can check on their website. 

The Middle Frame

the middle frame homepage > 14 Women-Owned Stock Photo Agencies to Discover (and Support)
the middle frame logo > 14 Women-Owned Stock Photo Agencies to Discover (and Support)

Breaking stereotypes and providing an accurate and authentic visual representation of the Arab world is the core goal of The Middle Frame, a niche stock photo site where you can license all kinds of images with Arab models, scenarios, and concepts. 

The business is based in Palestine, and it was launched in 2021, with one of the co-founders being CEO Raya Fatayer. She is a journalist and entrepreneur, and political activist. 

The Middle Frame has a selection of free photos you can explore and different pricing options to download premium content. 

Arabian Eye

arabian eye home > 14 Women-Owned Stock Photo Agencies to Discover (and Support)
arabian eye logo > 14 Women-Owned Stock Photo Agencies to Discover (and Support)

Another MENA region company, Arabian Eye, is a stock photography provider specializing in authentic Middle Eastern visuals. Besides their proprietary library full of regional stock photos, stock footage, and editorial content, they’re also the official distributors for big stock photo brands, such as Alamy, Reuters, and Adobe Stock, in the Middle East and North Africa.

This company is based in Dubai and was launched in 2008. Its founder and General Manager is Madeeha Khan, a creative professional with an extensive background in the corporate and publishing industries. 

Arabian Eye sells stock media on demand, and you can check their collections and prices on their website. 

Styled Stock Society

styled stock society home > 14 Women-Owned Stock Photo Agencies to Discover (and Support)
styled stock society logo > 14 Women-Owned Stock Photo Agencies to Discover (and Support)

Styled Stock Society is a platform that offers women-focused stock photography and design templates intended to help female entrepreneurs elevate their brands and their visual marketing campaigns. Their library has a feminine, polished and minimalist aesthetic and thrives on being inclusive and up-to-date. It's a membership-based service where you pay a monthly fee to access the content.

This company was founded in 2016 and is based in New York; and is also a woman-owned business. The founder and CEO is Elle Drouin, a marketing and digital strategy professional with extensive experience in the industry. The main contributing photographers are women, too, from multiple backgrounds and from all over the world.

If you want to try out Styled Stock Society's images before committing to a membership. In that case, you can take advantage of their free photo giveaway.


scopio homepage > 14 Women-Owned Stock Photo Agencies to Discover (and Support)
Scopio logo Color dark 140x@2x > 14 Women-Owned Stock Photo Agencies to Discover (and Support)

Scopio is a website that combines a stock photo library and a hiring platform that connects brands with diverse artists worldwide. They strongly focus on current social trends, news, and underrepresented regions and individuals. 

The company started in 2016, is located in New York, and is led by its founder Christina Hawatmeh, a tech and arts-oriented entrepreneur. Besides the Scopio website, Christina also co-curated an award-winning photo book on the 2019 pandemic titled “The Year that Time Stopped.” 

You can access Scopio’s images through membership, and various plans are available, all with unlimited downloads. If you want to hire an artist from their guild, you can contact the company directly with a project brief. 


pichastock homepage > 14 Women-Owned Stock Photo Agencies to Discover (and Support)
pichastock logo > 14 Women-Owned Stock Photo Agencies to Discover (and Support)

PICHAstock is a niche stock photo agency dedicated to Afrocentric imagery. They offer photos and videos with a more accurate visual representation of African Americans, Africans, and the whole scope of African culture. Images are created by artists from diverse Afrocentric communities from the US, Europe, Brazil, and Africa. They hope to end with one-dimensional narratives and empower brands and businesses to tell rich visual stories about black communities. 

This company is headquartered in Maryland and was founded in 2015 by African-born artist and photographer Josiane Faubert. Besides leading PICHAstock, Josiane is also a board member at the DMLA

On this website, you will find that XS-sized images are free to download and use, albeit limited to social media and other similar digital uses. Larger-size photos can be bought on demand or with a subscription, according to your needs. 

And those are the best woman-owned stock photo agencies on our list. 

Do you know more women-led stock photo sites we should know about? Drop us a comment, and we’ll be happy to check them out!

Header image: Copyright by Southworks Creative LTD / photocase.com, all rights reserved

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