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  • Who Buys Stock Photos? The Creative Crowd Benefitting from Stock Images

    Who buys stock photos? The answer to this question can be both long and short depending on how you look at it. Designers and Producers are the main consumers of Stock Photography and these images can be found across a plethora of today’s modern media! From the BBC’s use of Getty Images for their... read more →

  • All You Need to Know About Shutterstock Pricing

    All You Need to Know About Shutterstock Pricing

        Shutterstock is one of the top microstock agencies. It was the pioneer in the market with stock image subscriptions: they introduced this offer when they launched in the industry and were a huge success. Within time, they also added options for on-demand photo buying, in the form of... read more →

  • What Does Stock Photography Mean?

    In short, stock photography is essentially a large bank of images that you can purchase a license for use. With the scope of its uses being so large, we’ll break it down here to provide additional clarification. There are quite a few aspects of stock photography that should be understood before diving... read more →