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Stock Photo SecretsStockPhotoSecrets-Logo-White is a leading digital magazine dedicated to the stock photography industry on www.stockphotosecrets.com. Working closely with stock photography agencies and related industry companies, it’s a hugely valuable resource for stock photo buyers that provides savings, free images, market insights, technical tips, licensing and legal explanations, and overall industry clarification, all in one place.

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Part of the Stock Photo Press network of online publications in the stock media business, our publication fuels the needs of both stock photo buyers, who want the best way to find, purchase and use quality imagery at the best possible price; and stock photo agencies which are always seeking to reach out to more customers with their offers.

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Amos Struck

Amos Struck is our editor and main author. He is a veteran stock media industry expert with numerous achievements under his belt: he is the founder of Stock Photo Press, he is involved in the development of several WordPress plugins and products for stock photo buyers, and he is also co-founder of Microstock Expo, the first conference event specialized in the microstock segment. Amos has a strong business background and applies his over a decade of industry experience, insider knowledge and expert insights to help you understand it all about microstock and stock photography. Plus, he has excellent relationships with the major agencies in the field and works with them to bring you exclusive discounts and deals.

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Microstock Expo - Stock Photography Conference

Microstock Expo

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Ivanna Attié

Ivanna Attié is our content manager, researcher, and author. She was initiated in the stock photography industry working closely with Lee Torrens –the successful publisher behind Microstock Diaries, co-founder of Microstock Expo, and current Marketplace Director at Canva— before joining Amos and Stock Photo Press to continue exploring the stock media market. These combined positions working side-by-side with industry experts have given her a deep understanding of both sides of the stock photography market. Her background is in Communication and Journalism, and she applies her knowledge and experience to deliver the best advice and comprehensive guides on stock photo buying and image licensing.

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