The Complete List of Stock Photo Free Trials (2021 Update)

In today’s increasingly busy and distracting world, even the most comprehensive content gets scanned for the ‘good bits’. We’re so used to consuming huge amounts of data on a regular basis that finding the time to truly engage is often a luxury, especially when searching for stock photo free trials. That’s where the power of images comes in. A striking stock image can force you to pause and emotionally engage in a way that words can’t. Images have the ability to capture your imagination without having to use a single word.

In fact, good imagery is deemed essential to getting your message across. A problem that many businesses face is not having enough high-quality stock photos to use across their various marketing channels. Especially when you consider how expensive it can be to purchase many stock images that affect the smallest business, graphic designers, website builders, and entrepreneurs.

Being able to take advantage of stock photo free trials before committing your budget is a win-win. Take Adobe's 30 days free trial for example, due to its popularity and extensive collection this is one of the top choices for businesses. And here you can find even more free trials for apps like Spark, Photoshop, or Illustrator from Adobe's Creative Cloud

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High-quality images that don’t break the bank

Whether you want beautiful images for your blog or need stunning photos and videos for your social media campaigns, finding the right picture is a task in itself. The good news is that high-quality stock images don’t have to break the bank thanks to an abundance of online stock photo agencies.

The downside is that you often have to waste a lot of time trying to find that perfect shot. Many graphic designers and business owners know that frustration only too well. While searching for images, the last thing you want to worry about is image copyrights or other restrictions.

Avoid getting yourself in hot water by using trusted stock agencies who take care of all the hard work for you. Our goal is to help make your job easier, so we've compiled a list of the top stock photo agencies that offer free trials and are 100% royalty-free, so you don’t have to worry about a lawsuit!

Stock Photo Sites – Free Trials

Check out some of our favorite stock photo free trial sites:

Shutterstock – Get 10 Free Images for One Month

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The titan of the stock photo world, Shutterstock now enables you to test their service for free during 30 days before committing to a subscription, and this test includes 10 free images of your choice from their huge, 300-million-files library.

All you have to do is use our Shutterstock Free Trial coupon and set up for an annual, 10 downloads a month plan using the coupon code. This way, you will get the initial 30 days of this annual subscription, including the 10 downloads it comes with, completely free of charge.

If you wish you can stay subscribed and after 30 days you will be charged $29 a month for the rest of the year, and given 10 new downloads each month. If not, you can cancel risk-free during the initial 30-day trial period, and you can also upgrade to a larger plan, in which case you should definitely use our Shutterstock Coupon Codes for as much as 15% off in your purchase!

Additionally, you can access one free photo and one free vector illustration every week, by simply signing up for free at Shutterstock and grabbing their weekly free files.

Learn more about the agency in our Shutterstock review.

Try Shutterstock for 1 Month and get 10 Images for Free! Cancel anytime!

Adobe Stock – The Free Trial Version for anyone

Adobe Stock offers a 30-day free trial, offering 10 free photos throughout the free trial. After the trial, Adobe Stock's monthly subscription is set at an affordable price of $29.99 per month, with a standard license that allows unlimited online usage with some restrictions.

For an added cost of $80 per image, all restrictions will be lifted, allowing you to use the images however you wish. Adobe Stock offers credit packs at the price of one credit for $10, with HD images requiring anywhere between 5 and 50 credits.

Adobe Stock is ideal for graphic (or there is even an Adobe Spark alternative) designers that use Adobe Cloud, but can also be used independently for those who don’t Adobe Cloud. Perfectly integrated with Adobe Photoshop makes it a must for designers. This easy-to-use integration provides designers with access to millions of images without ever having to leave Adobe Photoshop. You can preview watermarked photos and optimize your design before making a final decision on which image works best.

Don’t miss out on Adobe Stock’s free trial by using the StockPhotoSecrets’ discount code. Find out more about our analyses of Adobe Stock.

Get 10 Adobe Stock standard assets with your free trial. Cancel risk-free within the first month.

Photocase – Free Trial includes 5 Free Credits

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Enjoy 5 FREE credits when you register for Photocase’s free trial using the Stock Photo Secrets voucher code. Every single high-resolution image published on their platform is handpicked by experienced photo editors.

Their credit packages which start from 25 Credits up to 4 photos in standard size are very affordable in comparison to other stock photo agencies, meaning you won’t have to splash the cash. With an easy-to-use search engine system, you can organize your photos by project names, theme and effortlessly search for your favorite images.

Photocase is known for its modern, aesthetically pleasing images which are sure to catch the attention of your readers. Click here to take advantage of Photocase’s 5 free credits and 10% of your first purchase. Read the full report of Photocase review.

Get 5 FREE Credits and 10% OFF on your first purchase with Photocase.

Canva Pro – One and a Half Months of Free Unlimited Downloads

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Canva Pro is a subscription-based, premium service by Canva. It includes access to the popular Canva image editor, premium features like a Brand Kit manager for businesses, a Publishing assistant tool, thousands of graphic templates, and 75 million stock photos. The best of all is, this membership grants you unlimited image downloads, all with a Royalty-Free license enabling commercial use. For just $9.95 a month (billed annually) you get as many photos as you could possibly need. More details? In our Canva Pro review!

And you can now try Canva Pro without spending a penny, thanks to the exclusive Canva Pro 45-Day Free Trial! This special, extended trial offer unlocks all the Canva Pro features, including unlimited downloads, totally free of charge for the initial 45 days!

Test Canva Pro for free for 45 days. Full access to Canva Pro features for 15 days extra than the regular trial offered on Canva's website! Cancel ...
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Dreamstime – Explore the 1-Week Free Trial

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Using Dreamstime is literally a dream for millions of small businesses, graphic studios, publication houses, and freelancers, offering over 107 million stock photos. You’ll have access to a large collection of professional standard photos, with millions of hand-drawn and computerized illustrations.

Dreamstime has a one-week free trial plan for new customers and you can enjoy the first 5 high-quality images for FREE with no strings attached.

Stock Photo Sites – Best On A Budget  (not free but cheap)

99Club by Stock Photo Secrets – Easy Access for a Small Fee

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Considered one of the most budget-friendly stock photo agencies, StockPhotoSecrets is the perfect solution for small and medium-sized businesses. With more than 4 million royalty-free images (and counting!) and plans to suit every budget, it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular choice across the globe.

Technically there is no free trial, but thanks to the super affordable pricing plans it usually works out significantly cheaper than most of the other options. We help you save money without having to compromise on quality. Download 200 XXL high-quality photos for just $99 from 99 Clubs, and if you need more than 200 images, vectors or illustrations, you only have to pay $0.99 per XXL download.

Sign up to 99 Club and register to download images, vectors, and illustrations today. Click here for reviews on the 99Club.

Bigstock – Each day 5 royalty-free images / 7 days

bigstock e1585945697667 > The Complete List of Stock Photo Free Trials ([wpsm_custom_meta type=date field=year] Update)

With Bigstock, you can download up to 5 royalty-free images or vectors of any size each day for 7 days. Registering for a Bigstock free trial provides access to more than 80 million high-resolution standard license stock images.

It’s important to note that you need to enter a valid payment method before you can activate the 7-day trial period. After the 7-day free trial is over, you will only be charged if you wish to continue using their services.

This will come at a cost of $79 per month for 5 images per day on a subscription basis. Additional images can be purchased using credit packs from $12, which expire after one full year. Extended licenses for images can be bought for around $50 per image, permitting unlimited commercial use.

Try out Bigstock’s free trial and take advantage of their special discount through StockPhotoSecrets where you get an additional 6 credits completely free when you buy any credit package.

Read more about this stock photography resource in our BigStock review.

Download up to 35 images during 7 days, totally free of charge.
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Stock Photo Sites – Free Images

Shutterstock – Free Images for Creative Users homepage

Shutterstock is a treasure trove of high-resolution stock photos and vector files. One of the leading stock photography sites in the world, Shutterstock has been an innovator when it comes to stock photography pricing.

Introducing subscription for royalty-free stock photos was a game-changer and has since been adopted by many other stock agencies. Boasting more than 280 million royalty-free images, it’s safe to say that they have something for everyone. Prepaid packs range from $49 for any 5 images to $229 for 25 images issued with a standard license which gives you the right to make up to 500,000 copies of any images.

They offer a great one-month Shutterstock Free Trial that gives you up to 10 image downloads for 30 days, totally free of charge!

Try Shutterstock for 1 Month and get 10 Images for Free! Cancel anytime!

While they don’t offer a free trial, you can still take advantage of free stock photos.

Another advantage of using Shutterstock is the editorial version you can download to test out how the image will fit in with your design works. Perfect for graphic designers who can try before they buy. Save up to 15% off your Shutterstock subscription deals using StockPhotoSecrets’ coupon code. Find out the full report on Shutterstock.

Buy your choice of stock images or stock footage at Shutterstock with a 15% discount on subscriptions and image packs.

iStock – Flexible Plans to Suit Every Budget homepage

Download inspiring stock photos from a wealth of well-curated collections available on a monthly basis. iStock currently has over 30 million high-resolution stock photos, vectors, and illustrations and that includes more than 6 million exclusive stock images.

iStock has been around for quite a while, almost two decades in fact. Acquired by Getty Images in 2006, iStock gives everyone that registers on their platform one free image, illustration and video footage every week for FREE.

Gain access to world-class photography by purchasing credits priced from $8 per credit or opt-in for a monthly subscription with prices ranging from $85 per month for any 10 images each month or $339 per month for 750 images each month. Images are released on a default standard license for personal and commercial use. You can also purchase images on an extended license when required.

Save a whopping 15% off any credit pack by using StockPhotoSecrets’ coupon code. Click here to see our iStock assessment.

Don't waste time, and buy your choice of stock videos and stock images at iStock: 15% discount on everything: subscriptions and image packs.

Getty Images – World-Class Editorial Images at Special Price homepage

Getty Images is one of the most well-known stock photography agencies across the globe. With one of the biggest stock archives, Getty Images is famous for exclusive, world-class photography highly suited to commercial and editorial use.

You can purchase high-quality photos using a licensing model tailored to your specific requirements called a Rights Managed license. Whilst this type of license is much higher than the more common Royalty-Free license, amongst other perks it does allow exclusive usage of the photo. Getty’s pricing is not for everyoneand is a considerably more expensive side in comparison to other competitors. Getty Images doesn’t offer a free trial however it is worth mentioning due to the extensive portfolio and high-caliber of options available.

For creative professionals who work in the editorial world or graphic designers who are working on commercial projects like magazines, ebooks, mobile apps, etc. Getty Images is the perfect choice for your stock photo needs.

Sign up to Getty today and save 30% on their Ultrapacks. Check out the Getty reviews.

Stock Photo Trials to Suit Everyone

Whether you’re a graphic designer or perhaps you’re creating content for your own business, our list of stock photo free trials covers all your options. No matter what type of image you're looking for or what your specific budget is, we’ve included the best stock photo websites designed to suit everyone.

If you want to start a photo trial today, click here to begin the popular stock photo adobe trial in seconds or one of the listed agencies above. Which free trials do you plan on testing out? Have you already tried some of them out? Did we miss any of your favourite free trial sites?

We want to hear from you so let’s chat in the comments.

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  1. The Dreamstime deal is now only 1 non-watermarked image for free, with 14 further watermarked ones!

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I tried to Sign Up for the BigStock Subscription and they try to bill the card entered for some unknown amount. It declined all of my Cards, I tried five. Do you know how much they try to Bill Cards for at BigStock? $0 is supposed to be $0 and there is no clause about them Billing the Cards for any amount!

    • Hi Amber, it is very normal that they try to bill your card to check it. Some stock agencies do it with $0 others with $1. But your card should really allow it and if not, simply contact your CC company and ask them to enable it. You should then be able to try again. I also recommend to contact Bigstock directly and ask them. I hope that helps.

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