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Depositphotos Coupon Code – 5 Free Photos + 15% Discount Promo Code 2016


With so many great stock photo agencies out there that can meet most users’ needs, it can feel overwhelming to explore all of your options and find the perfect site for you.  But if you haven’t explored Depositphotos yet, it’s worth your time: the vendor has some very affordable prices, a couple unique features, and easy to use functionality that will help you get the pictures you need fast.  And on top of all of that, you can now experiment with the site with our unbeatable Depositphotos coupon code.

OfferGet 5 FREE Photos + 15% Off on Your First Purchase

Special for you. Register and get 5 free credits to download high quality images. After registration, free credits will be in your account automatically.

depositphotos promo code

Getting Started with our Depositphotos Coupon Code Discount


To access our unique Depositphotos discount offer, you won’t have to write down or memorize any long coupon codes.  All you will have to do is click here navigate to the StockPhotoSecrets exclusive Depositphotos offer landing page, which you can find here and open in your browser.  From there, seizing your 5 free credits and 15% discount is only a few easy clicks away.


Once you are on the Depositphotos landing page, click on the blue button in the top right hand corner of the screen to “Register an Account.”  Once you do so, you’ll be prompted to enter a username and email address.  Don’t worry, from our experience Depositphotos doesn’t send a lot of spam emails or promotional material to users, so entering your email and creating an account is pretty much risk and hassle free.

After entering initial sign in information, the next step in registering your account is to complete the rest of the account details.  Depositphotos will ask you for personal information like your address and full name.  The company was founded back in 2009, and since then Depositphotos has maintained a good reputation in the industry, so you shouldn’t feel nervous about entering account info.  However, if you choose not to complete your account now and fill out the rest of your data fields, you can easily click the “skip for now” option at the bottom of your screen.

5-free-credits-depositphotosWhen you do, you will see a window pop up “Congratulations! Payment Completed.”  Don’t worry!  We didn’t just charge you for something: your Depositphotos discount coupon is completely free.  If you read the details in the “Congratulation” window, you will see that you haven’t been charged.  And you will also see that 5 free credits have been added to your account, totally free.

It’s as simple as that.  With just a few clicks, you’ve unlocked the power of Depositphotos absolutely free.  Those five free credits will remain in your account for up to a full year, so feel free to use some now and explore the site for as long as you like before spending the rest.  Now that you have your five free images, here’s how to use your Depositphotos credits to download high quality, professional, commercially licensed imagery from their site.

Using Your FREE Depositphotos Credits


After closing out the “Congratulations!” window that popped up when your registration was complete, you will find yourself in the user home page section of Depositphotos’ website.  Here you can see how many image credits you have left, add more credits if you like, and upgrade to a full subscription plan if you are enjoying the agency.  And from the user home page, it’s simple to navigate to the agency’s library and start using your free Depositphotos coupon code to download beautiful stock imagery.

depositphotos-search-detailsTo start exploring the millions of images in Depositphotos’ extensive library, just navigate to the search bar at the top left hand side of the user home screen, and enter a simple search term for the kind of image you are looking for.  For reference, go ahead and search for an “apple.”  When you do so, you will see a whole lot of results returned very quickly, and with Depositphotos easy to navigate search functions, you can narrow those results down to exactly what you need.

You will see in the top left hand corner of your search results, you will see four different ways to sort your “apple” images.  By default, images are sorted by “Best Match,” and you can see that the apples near the top of your page are fairly basic and probably easy to use in a lot of commercial settings.  You can also sort images by “Best Sales” to see what’s popular, “Newest First” to find the most recent library additions, or “Undiscovered” to find apple photos that are less widely downloaded.

depositphotosTo the right hand side of the search bar, you will see an icon of sliding switches, and you can click here to customize your search results even further.  You can choose things like image size and color scheme, orientation, and use.  Additionally, you can limit your search results by excluding certain terms, and even search the library by contributor name as well.  Most of their search features are self explanatory and easy to use, and they all add up to one thing: a library that’s easy to browse, and an agency where it isn’t hard to find the perfect stock photos.

Once you’ve found the photos you want, it’s easy to use your free credits to download them.  Just click on the image you want, and you’ll see different options for image size and vector downloads.  You will find that most images only cost 1 credit for small sized downloads, meaning your 5 free credits unlocked with our Depositphotos coupon code is five free images for your commercial use.  Just select what size you want and click the “download” button, and one of your free credits will be redeemed for an immediately downloaded high quality stock photo.

If you have any questions about redeeming your free credits, feel free to let us know in the comments.  For most users though, the process is very simple, and you can get access to 5 truly free stock photos with very little hassle.

Get 15% Off Your First Purchase with our Depositphotos Coupon


With all of the great photos in Depositphotos’ library, you might use those five free credits quickly.  But don’t worry: that’s only half the deal you unlock with our exclusive Depositphotos coupon code.  This deal is all about helping you explore Depositphotos, and if you decide after browsing their offerings that the agency will meet your needs, the coupon you’ve redeemed will help you there too.  With the coupon you just redeemed, you also get 15% off of your first purchase with Depositphotos.

That 15% off will apply to both credit packages and subscription plans, so if use a lot of stock photos and like Depositphotos so far, consider opting for a subscription.  Whether you want to get the most photos for your dollar with a subscription, or just want a few photos when you need them with a credit pack, you can purchase either option from your user home screen.  Just click the Depositphotos icon in the top left hand of your screen when you are logged in, and you’ll be brought back to the home screen.  From there, making a purchase with your 15% discount is straightforward.

How Much will 15% Off Promotion Save You?


If you are concerned with getting the absolute best deal you can on Depositphotos stock photography, our 15% off coupon code here is the right place to start.  Here’s how much money you can save with the Agency’s different purchasing options.

Depending on how many images you need, Depositphotos has a few different credit packs at different price points, and our coupon code will help you save.  Without a discount, you can get 30 image credits for $34.00, which breaks down to just $1.33 an image: WITH a discount code, that 30 image pack will cost you just $28.90, or $..96 per image.  If you want the largest credit package, without a discount you will pay $480 for 500 images, or $1.04 per image: WITH a discount you’ll pay $408, or $.82 per image.

Of course, if you want to get the absolute lowest price out there on a per image basis, a subscription plan is the right place to look.  Their most affordable one month subscription will run you just $84 for 10 images a day with our discount code, which adds up to $.28 per image.  If you want to check out their highest volume monthly package with the biggest savings, you can get 50 images a day for $297, or just $.20 per image.

Watch a video how to redeem this promotion

We have created a quick video walkthrough to show how you can redeem this rebate and how to get the free images from DP.

Closing Thoughts on Depositphotos and their Free Photos

Depositphotos LogoDepositphotos does a whole lot right and has quite a bit going for it, from good value to an easy to navigate interface.  We highly recommend the agency to anyone in search of high quality stock photos at a good price.  And if you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to try the agency out, our exclusive Depositphotos coupon code deal means the time is now.

Visit the StockPhotosSecret Depositphotos landing page now, and seize your free images and 15% discount!


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