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Stock Photo Buyers Glossary of Terms

With images needed more and more to catch the attention of readers and manage your design projects, terms used in the photo industry are hard for the new or seasoned user to understand. If you are in the industry, these terms are understood. If you are a stock photo buyer or user or even getting into using more images, some of it if not all of it can seem like a foreign language, on a good day.It is up to the user to learn the terms that apply to images, terms that define how images can be used legally and what the buyer or user needs to comply with in order to use free or paid for images.

  • Subscription Images

    Subscription images refers to a stock photo agency payment option. A subscription is when a buyer pays a monthly or annual fee to the stock photo agency and are then awarded a set amount of images for that monthly or annual free. Each stock photo agency defines their subscription prices, conditions and... read more →

  • Editorial Photo

    An editorial photo refers to an identifiable person (celebrity or public figure) or place (white house, empire state building) or event (royal wedding, olympics) that has a set licensing terms that determine how this type of photo can be used. Editorial images use requirements are different from a Royalty... read more →

  • Extended License

    This refers to a licensing option that enables a buyer to use a photo in a way that is more than the regular Royalty Free rights and includes using the image or photo on commercially sold items. This license is more expensive and includes more uses than other licensing options but does have defined and... read more →

  • Royalty Free (RF)

    This is a licensing term used in the creative industry of stock photography that enables a stock photo buyer to use a purchased photo as many times as the stock agency license outlines in their terms and conditions without having to pay a royalty to the photographer. In many creative arts industries,... read more →

  • Rights Managed (RM)

    This is another licensing term used in the stock photo business that restricts the use of a photo with very clear terms and conditions but provides the buyer with more exclusive use of the photo. Rights managed photos provide the buyer with exclusive rights to a photo for a period of time and for a set... read more →

  • Attribution / Credit Link

    Attribution refers to the public credit used to identify the photographer or creator of an image, video, audio or creative commons piece. Credit link provides the same identifier as attribution but provides a link to a webpage or digital source of the artist or creator. Free stock photos and creative... read more →

  • Resolution

    The term resolution when used to describe a photo or image refers to the number of dots per square inch are used to crate the photo. The higher the resolution the better the quality of an image. In the photography world, 72 dpi and 300 dpi are the resolutions that are generally used, 72 dpi being a lower... read more →

  • Microstock

    Microstock is a term used by stock photo agencies that promote photographers, both professional and amateur, to buyers and sell licenses to mainly Royalty Free images. Microstock was a term that enable stock photo agencies to separate their business model from that of independent photographers who were... read more →

  • Creative Commons (CC)

    This is a license used by photographers that allows them to offer their photos for free but the user still has to comply with certain licensing items in order to use the photo. If a creative commons licensed photo is used the photographer has to be credited for the photo with the copyright symbol, photos... read more →

  • License

    License refers to the terms under which the photo has been purchased. The two main licenses are Royalty Free (RF) or Rights Managed (RM). Each license differs and outlines how the photo can be used, under what conditions the photo can be used with all licenses forbidding the re-sale of a photo. All licenses... read more →

  • Public Domain (PD)

    PD stands for Public Domain, a term used for creative images where the copyright has expired. If a photo is in the Public Domain then there are no limits or terms that specify how the photo can be used. Public Domain images are generally not as well shot as stock photos or custom photos but can provide... read more →

  • Stock Photo

    Stock photo is a term used to describe an image that is bought from the photographer or stock agency directly. These images are sold with the intention to sell them multiple times to different buyers for use in graphic designs, websites, digital designs, or used as a photo. This option was created so... read more →