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5 Shutterstock Alternatives Compared which will surprise you


5 Shutterstock Alternatives Compared

Are you looking for Shutterstock Alternatives to buy a subscription for stock photos? There are a few great alternatives to Shutterstock that can help you with your stock photo subscription needs. These 5 alternative stock photo agencies can deliver various subscription services, different photo libraries for that hard-to-find stock photo, new photographers, and cheaper prices. Shutterstock is a great stock photo agency that meets the needs of many people, but there are more websites like Shutterstock that could meet your  photo needs. Plus, most of these alternatives are included in our list of the Best Stock Photo Agencies!

Shutterstock Alternatives Subscription Comparison Table

Stock AgencyMin. Dlds. / dayMax. Dlds. / dayLowest Price
Image / US$
High.Price / ImageMin. Time
(200 Images for just $99)
12000.4950.4951 year
17500.220.441 month
Low Volume
16000.330.331 year
Adobe Stock
(1 Month FREE)
1010FREEFREE1 month
5 Free Images
17500.220.961 month


What on earth is “min downloads per day”?

This stands for “minimum downloads per day” and means the minimum you can download per day. In the same way, “Max. dlds./day” stands for the maximum downloads allowed per day. Most of the subscription based agencies offer a minimum and maximum amount of images to download per day. If you haven’t downloaded the max. images in a day, you will be not able to take them over into the next day.

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Click here to download a list of 7 Shutterstock Alternatives (PDF)

5 Shutterstock Alternatives in Detail

1.) Exclusive: 99club the perfect Shutterstock Alternative


With our 99club you will get 200 XL royalty-free stock photos or vectors to use for any project or marketing material costing you less than $0.50 for each image! Ensure your project always looks unique and cutting edge with your access to millions of professional high-quality images with more than 80,000 added each month. We even have no limits, you can download as many or as little of your 200 images in any size from small to XXL without any monthly download caps. Plus if you need more than 200, pay only $0.99 for each additional image, forever! I was able to lock in the price for you. For $99 you get 200 images for an entire year and when next year comes around, you’ll still only pay $99. No tricks and no obligations so cancel whenever you want.

  • Downloads per year – 200 XXL-images (only $0.99/image if you need more than that )
  • Subscription types – Yearly Subscription, cancel anytime, no obligations
  • Image files – access to all image types; photos, vectors, illustrations and fonts

99club is the best Shutterstock Alternative if you need 200 images or less:

99 Club Membership

2.) iStock Subscription

iStock (previously known as iStockphoto) has a large library and is in the top 6 of online stock photo agencies. They offer stock photos, vectors, illustrations, video and audio files. Their library is divided in Essentials (budget, non-exclusive content) and Signature (high value, exclusive files). Their stock photo subscriptions have different volume sizes and prices, and there's two options: Essential images only, or for access to both Signature and Essential collections. Read all about the iStock pricing here.

iStock subscriptions let you download any file size for the same price, within the collection that corresponds to your plan. Their Signature collection adds a lot of value to their service, as its full of images you will not find elsewhere. You might be interested in checking our iStockphoto Alternatives as well.

  • Downloads per month – from 10 to 750
  • Subscription types – Monthly and yearly – two subscription types, iStock Essentials (basic content and non exclusive files) and iStock Signature (for exclusive content plus non-exclusive as well).
  • Image files – access to all image types; photos, vectors, audio, video

Great news: For limited time, we have a great offer for you: an exclusive iStock Promo Code that gives you 15% off in EVERYTHING! That's right: anything you want to download from their site, at cut price! Grab our iStock Promo Code now, it's only valid until the end of September 2018!

iStockphoto as Shutterstock Alternative:

15% OFF iStock Credits


3.) Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock LogoAdobe Stock is the newest stock agency on the market and a great alternative for Shutterstock. Adobe Stock offers over 40 million royalty-free, high-quality photos, illustrations, and graphics. You can per image or choose a subscription which can be easily paid with your Adobe Creative Cloud account. Purchase, access and manage your images directly from Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC and other Adobe CC desktop apps. Adobe Stock is the next BIG THING in the stock photo industry.

BONUS: Try Adobe Stock Free for One Month. Get 10 free images to use within the next month. Your first month will be refunded when you sign up for one year of Adobe Stock (10 images a month plan) at US$29.99/mo. (plus applicable taxes). Cancel risk free within the first month. Start Your Free Month now!

  • Downloads per day – 10 up to 750
  • Subscription type – monthly or annually
  • Image files – all sizes and includes stock photos, stock vectors and stock illustrations and videos (coming soon)
  • Bonus: Fully Integrated in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and many more Creative Cloud Software

Adobe Stock as Shutterstock Alternative

adobe stock free trial

4.) Photocase: A Shutterstock Alternative for Artistic Stock Photos

PhotocasePhotocase is a fantastic Shutterstock Alternative if what you are looking for are unique stock photos! This Berlin-based stock photo agency has over 15 years of history offering artistic stock photography at very affordable prices. Their highly curated library is full of premium stock images with great artistic value and the authentic, modern aesthetics that is trending in the market. With so many years in business, this is a very reliable and professional service where you will find the kind of photos no other agency provides!

These diverse stock photos are available on demand, and they offer convenient credit packs to save in volume purchases. All images are priced according to size, from 3 to 10 credits each. Credit packs start at $49 for 25 credits, all the way up to $1099 for 1000 credits, which saves you a whooping 44% in final price. Like this, a large-sized image will cost you between $10.90 and $19.60 depending on the pack you get. A very reasonable price considering the quality and uniqueness of the content. You can also buy photos individually in dollars if you want.

What's even better: As a StockPhotoSecrets reader you can get more Photocase photos cheaper thanks to our exclusive Photocase Coupon Code with 3 FREE credits + 25% Off! A deal not to be missed.

Photocase is a the right source to find compelling, high end stock photography that you will not find elsewhere, without having to break the bank to get them.

Photocase as a Shutterstock Alternative:

5.) Stockphotosecrets' Low Volume an Alternative to Shutterstock


Our limited-time Low Volume plan is another great Shutterstock Alternative for small-to-medium businesses. Tailored specifically for this kind of buyer, this subscription lets you get 3 times more images than 99club plan, for only $99 more. That's right, you get 600 XXL royalty-free stock photos for only $199 a year! That's only $0.33 per photo!

Low Volume is an annual subscription that gives you access to our collection of 4,000,000 stock photos, vectors and fonts. For a period of one year, you can download as much as 600 XXL images, for only $199. It's a perfect fit for any business needing hundreds of images for marketing and promotional efforts, but working with a tight budget. While Shutterstock's annual subscription gives you up to 9000 images, they charge you as much as $199 per month. If you don't have a need for so many images, and you cannot invest that much money in stock photos, Low Volume has you covered: you get hundreds of images for your business needs, for a whole year, and you save thousands of dollars compared to Shutterstock.

This plan used to have a download cap of 50 images per day, but now we are able to manually remove this cap upon your registration, to give you unlimited download limit (max. 600). This is a limited-time offer, but now it comes with auto-renew, letting you secure this super low price for as long as the offer is active. And of course, you can cancel anytime you want. This is a very straight-forward deal, no hidden charges.

  • Downloads per year – 600 XXL images
  • Subscription types – Yearly subscription, cancel anytime, no obligation
  • Image files – stock photos, vectors, illustrations and fonts

Stockphotosecrets' Low Volume is the best option for buyers needing more images for a lower price:

6.) DepositPhotos Subscription

Depositphotos is another stock photo agency that offers different subscription options for the wide range of stock photo buyers they work with, ensuring they have a plan that fits your buying needs and budget. DepositPhotos subscriptions are flexible, cheap, do not require a large investment and adds subscription buyers to their rewards system.They have monthly and annual options, from 75 and up to 750 images per month, and now they have added a very convenient flexible plan for small budgets, for 10 images a month plus discounts on additional images. This makes it one of the cheapest alternatives for Shutterstock with additional images in all (including highest) resolutions for only $0.99.

  • Downloads per day – 10 to 750
  • Subscription types – Monthly and yearly
  • Image files – stock photos, vectors and illustrations

Depositphotos as Shutterstock Alternative

We hope you like our list of Shutterstock Alternatives, and that you find the best stock agency for your image buying needs. If instead of an alternative you decide you want to buy from Shutterstock, use our exclusive Shutterstock Coupon Code to save to 15% on their subscriptions!



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    • Hi there,

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