Can i use these photos for my private blog or website?

The Internet is famous for the amount of free information it provides. You can read books, learn new things, and even take college courses for free online.

We've grown to be very accustomed to things being free online, and that can pose a problem.

Not everything is free on the Internet

Image Stealer ThiefUnfortunately, not everything on the Internet is designed to come completely free of charge. One popular example of this is with music. Just because an artist has placed their music on YouTube or MySpace for free doesn't mean it's okay to download it instead of buying the mp3. Not only does this take money away from the artist, but it also abuses the privileges of the Internet's freedom.

Photographs are often abused in the same way. Many people steal images from Flickr and Google Images, and use them within their own blog posts or websites. Just because these photos are online doesn't mean they're free! In fact, using unauthorized images can be very costly. If discovered on your website or blog, the person who holds the copyright to an image you're using has the right to sue.

Buy Stock Photos rather then “stealing”

The smartest way to stay out of trouble, while maintaining the integrity of the Internet as a free source of content, is to use stock photos. These are photographs created specifically for commercial purposes, which you can purchase an inexpensive license to. For about the same cost as an mp3, you can get a stock photo for your website.

Stock photos generally look sharp and professional, and are of a much higher quality than the ones you'd find on free sites like Google Images. Photographers contribute to stock photography websites with images they've created using high-end equipment and professional expertise. Stock photos are also completely legal to use, ensuring that you don't incur any negative legal action for using unauthorized images.

Where can i buy cheap Stock Photos?

There are a number of reputable stock photography websites online, all of which offer millions of photos to choose from. Among these websites you can find some of the Internet's best commercial photography, available to you for a very low price. Rather than spending endless time on Flickr looking for a reasonable image to accompany your blog post, you can pair your posts with colorful, quality stock photos that will really get your readers' attention. We highly recommend our own stock agency shop, which has a special offer for website owners and bloggersClick here to get access to our limited 99club offer for website owners and bloggers.


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