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Trends in Business Imagery by iStock (Infographic)


Microstock inventor and market leader iStock by Getty Images has published an Infographic on the trends in business imagery use in 2014.

Key Trends for 2014 shown in Infographic by iStock

According to iStock, in 2014 the trends in business imagery used are continuing the most important issues discussed in society: Family and work-life balance topics are represented by showing more Women in Power, Engaged Dads and Work From Home.

Also, a more cooperative approach is being shown with meetings taking up an important part in today’s office life as well as a more service-oriented work force represents the trend from a world of production to the added value of services.

National Small Business Week celebrated by iStock and Getty

The Infographic was presented as part of the National Small Business Week held this week in the US by acclamation of the president. iStock and its parent company Getty Images served more than 2.5 million SMB’s with imagery for their websites and print materials in the past.

Infographic Trends in Business Images iStock 2014

Top Trends In Business Imagery 2014 (iStock by Getty Images)





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